Sunday, September 14, 2008

Liverpool 2 Man Scum 1

Finally, we've got 'em.

After 8 league encounters we finally put one over the mancs. I was preparing for the worse when Tevez scored on the 3rd minute after some lax defending...i was we go again...We are jinx playing mancs (or as Ru said it, Masch is the jinx when playing the Mancs). It is not often you see Masch caught ball watching and not tracking Tevez's run. First half we were our usual self so far this season. Poor in possesion, slow to the ball, and the scums where all over us. The jinx continued when Van der Sar saved a Dirky point blank shot on goal...

Thankfully, our luck took a turn for the better when Van der Sar push the ball against wes Brown's shin and the ball rolled into the net. Comical i tell you....

I don't know what Rafa did at half time....but Liverpool came back in the game stronger and better. It was the best performance so far this season. Maybe Rafa should had done watever he had done earlier in other matches. It was only a matter of time when Babel (super sub) smashed in the winner on 77 min. Mascherano made up for his mistake by his wonder persistance down the right flank enabling Kuyt to pull the ball back for Babel to smash it home. Made in Holland, beating a Holland keeper. Mancs tried to get back but with stand in skipper, Carra, on watch, all their efforts were in vain.

p.s. Nando and Stevie HAVE to sit next to each other at the bench...tell me that's not gayness...LOL

MY RAWK did a live viewing gig at Breakers Hartamas and these are some shots of mad Malaysian scousers...

Fantastico....damn right.....



Jono rallying the troops (being his usual self)

Ru's birthday is on 25/9...wat better way to celebrate than with kopites?

Mark after one too many (being his usual self too..LOL)

Who says its easy being a kopite....

U need selfless commitment...irregardless of your own self

Epitome of a kopite :D

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The 9 Degrees of Separation

Ever heard of the 9 degrees of separation?

This morning picked up a Citibank Customer reporting a baggage damage claim. Took down the details and it seems that he lives in Sg Long. So I will be sending the claim form to him after work. So before heading home took a detour to 3/3 and found the house. The card member looks awfully familiar. Went into the house and saw Carmen and Kar Leng's photo on the wall.....LMAO....this is my aunt's and uncle's close family fren....wat a friggin coincidence....

Uncle Chung called the whole family and greeted me...make me damn paiseh...

Collected all the documents and helped fill in the claim form and took photos of the damaged baggage...after that borak borak a bit and left....

Friggin 9 degrees of separationn....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kentucky Fried Chick, The Colonel Would be Ashamed

Went to pick up May from Melaka and decided to go KFC at Jaya Jusco for dinner.  I know that prices have gone up and portion of fast food had been getting smaller. This happened to McD whereby i can finish a Fillet 'o Fish in 3 bites. But wat happened to KFC really takes the cake....

Yes...that's a bone of a drumstick...and that's the spoon you use to scoop coleslaw and mash potatoes.....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back Home...

Back in Segamat again. This month set sort of a personal record since working in KL. Won't be in town for 3 weekends in a month. Next weekend will be back in Segamat again for Kek Gian's wedding. 

Bump into someone during lunch which made my otherwise mundane day :D 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Back from the High Seas

Back from the Etiqa Treasure Hunt. Took us 3 and a half hours to hunt from Dataran Maybank - Putrajaya - P.D. We did reasonably well. No. 9 amongst 24 teams. Got ourselves 100 bucks Parkson Voucher each. The organizers shared some interesting answers from the contestants.

Clue: No weapons here. All are covered and concealed.
Answer: Gan (Gun) Kain dan Langsir

Some smart ass answered "Balai Polis Lukut"...the whole floor went LMAO.....

Didn't went well with the best dressed competition during the dinner. My 90 bucks pirate costume lost to some dude who wrapped himself up like a Taliban terrorist with a RM9 sarung.

Some teaser pics...will upload more when ready into Facebook...

Team BIB

Damn..i look stupid in the costume...

On a different note there was no place for me to watch our opening match. Only caught like the first 20 minutes of it and we were playing shite. Plessis was a mess in marscherano's role. Thank god we have Nando and thanks to Pei Ru for the update eventhough i was already half asleep... LOL...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Treasure Hunt...ahoy matey...

Etiqa treasure hunt tomorrow...from Dataran Maybank to Admiral Cove P.D. JLT conducted the training there last year. Isn't a bad place. Just hope that I have means to see the opening match live.

After the Treasure Hunt there is a "Pirates Nite" bbq dinner. Rented my costume from the outlet at City Square...paying 90 quids to make myself look silly......

Sunday, August 10, 2008

This Time, Song from August Rush

One of the nicest songs from a movie....

Tonight the sky above
Reminds me of you, love
Walking through wintertime
Where the stars all shine
The angel on the stairs
Will tell you I was there
Under the front porch light
On a mystery night

I've been sitting watching life pass from the sidelines

Been waiting for a dream to seep in through my blinds
I wondered what might happen if I left this all behind
Would the wind be at my back ? Could I get you off my mind
This time

The neon lights in bars
And headlights from the cars
Have started a symphony
Surrounding Me
The things I left behind
Have melted in my mind
And now there's a purity
Inside of me

(Chorus 2X)