Saturday, June 17, 2006

Last Wednesday planned to go watch Spain vs Ukraine at Sri Hartamas. On the way there, we passed by Plaza Damas and decided to settle there. Before the match went to Eric's Deli for steamboat. This Eric Deli is the steamboat chain store owned by Eric Tsang. The food there was expensive. However, have to say that the service is friendly and the food is fresh....

Too much balls lately, on and of the field

Chicken and fish

Full Monty....

Beancurd Skin

Sotong and prawns

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Fever

Yes, the fever is gripping everyone. In the office 80% of discussion is on football. Muru and I trade technical opinions on the matches played. Simone and Jessie went ga ga over handsome footballers. Everyone planning out their leave application over the next month. I being a shutterbug who is a football fan, decided to take the above pic of a mini adidas ball and the cover of FourFourTwo World Cup Edition. Hope you all like it :p

Monday, June 12, 2006

Let's Cook

Something weird had happened to me. These 2 days I just happened to have this strange urge to jump into the kitchen to conjure up a dish or two...last Saturday i was to fend for my own dinner, my uncle and aunt and cousin had a function to attend. Instead of the usual ta pau, i went to the mini market and grab a packet od sausages and fu chow fish ball and cooked myself a bowl of Instand noodles ala enhaw :p throwing in a fried egg, some cucumber and chili slices i found in the fridge.

Today, my uncle and aunt is in Penang for some Crawford function. Dinner on my own again. Instead of the instant noodle, i decided to try my hands on some real cooking. My last pasta dish was like 2 years ago and i suddenly feel like pasta. Hence, i dropped by Giant, grab a can of Pesto sauce, a packet of spiral pasta, a packet of baby tomatoes, 150 grams of bacon and a can of grated cheese. Got home and took me an hour to conjure up Pesto ala enhaw :D Just in time for Australia vs Japan.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

KLIMS '06: Muscle Cars Part I

What is a Motor Show without tuners and exotic cars. KLIMS do not disappoint in this department. Visitor get to have a look at some of the fastest cars, and also most fuel guzzling cars available to the general public. That is if you have the dough or you are willing to sell your soul for it.

My dream car. Ralliart tuned Evo 9. A stock Evo 9 cost RM277K on the road. I don't even dare to look at the price tag of this beauty. (The car silly, not the gal...of coz she is also a beauty in her own right)

Ralliart tuned Colt. For oogling only. Not for sale. It's a prototype.

Chevrolet Optra World Touring Car Championship. The name says it all.

New Suopr Tuned Ford Focus. Price Tag on the Windscreen.

Air Trek for Dhaka Rally.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Time to Make Friends!!!!

The once every 4 years World Cup is finally here....yippieee!!!!!! So there I guess there won't be any movie nights or late night dating. The next one month is strictly for football (soccer for those damn yanks out there :p).

Celebrated the opening match at Mojo yesterday aith Allen Ang, Simone and Joei. Simone was so sad that Michael Ballack was only a spectator due to injury. At least her team beat Costa Rica 4-2. Surprisingly, the Krauts look good going forward. Lahm und Schweinsteiger provide flair to a traditionally rigid German team. Captain of the day, Bernt Schneider did well down the right flank. Frings was commanding in the center of the pitch, a natural successor to Didi Hamann, and his goal was wunderbar, as the krauts say it.

However, if they wanna go far, Klinsmann really really need to have a look at his defence. Their set pieces marking was AWOL. And the 2 goals they conceded i have to put it down as defending errors. The positioning sense and defending instinct of the 2 centre halfs were lousy.

Overall, I have to say this was by far the best World Cup opener i watched so far. I hope that this match will set the tone for the rest of the tournament. Looking forward to the England - Paraguay match today. Auf Wiederhesen. :D

KLIMS '06: The Future is Cometh Part II

I know, i know...i had been lazy updating my blog but i really was busy last week. Only have time and the energy to continue with tyhe KLIMS photos. Let's get on with concepr cars...

Honda: The Power of Dreams

The Honda Sports 4. If you think this car looks like an Accord, then you are right. The Sports 4 is a sports sedan based on the Accord platform. Its main technology breakthrough iss the Super Handling-All Wheel Drive System which controls the traction and on 4 wheels independently. It also has an intelligent night vision system.

The FCX. My fave concept car after the Sportivo. This beauty is powered by a fuel cell engine which emission free. This fuel cell system can deliver more power with a smaller drive train hence maximizing cabin space for driver and passenger comfort. It's unique low floor fuel cell platform also means that it has a lower profile for better handlong and better aerodynamics.It also utilizes a biometric control system which the car will start by itself after adjusting for the optimum driving configuration for the driver. Sweet.....

NIssan: Shift_the_Future

Nissan Sports Concept. There is nothing futuristic about this concept. This, I feel, is lame attempt at kiasu-ness on NIssan's part. Honda and Toyota has kick ass concept models hence NIssan came up with a so called concept "with a sports tuner feel and affordable price for first time buyers". So lame.

Proton: Malaysia Boleh!!! - kah?

The lamest of the lame. It's so lame that i can even remeber the name. Dunno APC or APX...whatever. There isn't even any information on what it is trying to conceptualize. Maybe it's concept is 100% Buatan Malaysia when the time comes..... ^_^"'

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show '06: The Future is Cometh

Went to Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show with Allen Ang yesterday. As i told my friends, all motor shows contains the 2 deadly weaknesses of all men....Cars and Babes. I really went trigger happy with my Powershot and sanppes 400++ pictures....Today I'll show you the main attractions...concept cars (not babes, this is a motor show anyways :p)

MItsubishi I-Bunny: The SmartForTwo Wannabe
This cute little actually has space for 4 thanks to the adsence of a front munting engine. Powered by a 675 cc MIVEC turbo charged engine, this might just be the feasible green car for the near future while Fuel Cell technology, Solar Powered cars and other more ambitious green technology are stil under development.

Toyota: Moving Forward

This odd looking car is the Motor Triathlon Race Car. It is powered with fuel cell technology. In my opinion, nothing much more than a test bed for fuel cell technology. Not exactly practicle with its open concept. Future F1 racer maybe?

My favourite concept car, The Sportivo Coupe. Uses Solar power as its Hydrid technology. Its biometric system can recognize the driver and starts up automatically. Design for the tech savvy in mind, you can hook up whatever gadgets you have to the car. PSP while driving?? That's a bit too much :p

Compact Sports and Speciality. Hybrid technolgy car. Power plant similar to the Prius. Removable panel to make into a 4 seater from a 2 seater.

Ford: 4Trac

The All Terrainer of the Future. 172 LEDs as headlights. Not much info about other specs.

Volvo: The Safest Car in the Universe

This Swede mark is known for its innovation in car safety technolgy. Volvo had again outdo itself with the 3CC. In high school we learn that the faster a moving object decelerates, the higher the impact. Hence, what volvo has done is create car seats on a floating configuration. The seats will move forward upon impact hence reducing the force of the collision on the passengers. Simple yet brilliant.

What that is not so simple is that this car with a top speed of 135 km/h and 0-100 in 10 seconds is powered by lithium-ion zero emission cells. Yes, these are the kind of batteries u find in your handphones and laptops. Though your TNB bill will be damn since it needs recharging just like your handphone :D

(to be continued....)