Sunday, June 11, 2006

KLIMS '06: Muscle Cars Part I

What is a Motor Show without tuners and exotic cars. KLIMS do not disappoint in this department. Visitor get to have a look at some of the fastest cars, and also most fuel guzzling cars available to the general public. That is if you have the dough or you are willing to sell your soul for it.

My dream car. Ralliart tuned Evo 9. A stock Evo 9 cost RM277K on the road. I don't even dare to look at the price tag of this beauty. (The car silly, not the gal...of coz she is also a beauty in her own right)

Ralliart tuned Colt. For oogling only. Not for sale. It's a prototype.

Chevrolet Optra World Touring Car Championship. The name says it all.

New Suopr Tuned Ford Focus. Price Tag on the Windscreen.

Air Trek for Dhaka Rally.

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