Monday, June 30, 2008

Vamos Espana!!!!

I am damn tired. Slept for a little over 2 hours yesterday. Worth it though. Watch Spain create history by beating 'em Jerries to win their 2nd European Cup after 40 odd years. The hero, u guessed it, Fernando Torres. He muscled off Philip Lahm on the 33 minute and chipped in the only goal of the match.

The Jerries never really showed up. I have to say this again....Mario Gomez is absolutely shite, dunno what all the hype surrounding him is about. Spain literally ran circles around the Jerries. Only fault, if one have to look for, is that Spain was playing a bit like Arsenal. Trying to be too cute. Sometimes, just smack the ball and be done with it instead of trying to run the ball over the goal line.

Banging my head a few times against the wall today. I don't normally by Magnum 4D unless my car got crashed or something. That's what happened on last Tuesday so bought 8131, 2 big 2 small (forward and "gostan") on Saturday. Then threw in my dad's car number 3181, 1 big 1 small. Ok, fine. Din strike. Then Sunday 6pm something had the urge to go buy again. But it was raining hippos (quoting peiru) so nvr mind. This morning, Godma called and asked got strike 3181 third prize or not. I almost crashed my car into another road divider.......damn.......RM1,500 gone...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Impressive but Still....

About the thing I didn't really wanted to do yesterday, it was a wedding that my dad asked me to attend at Damansara Utama Methodist Church. It is the wedding of my dad's friend punya son. We went to their house in Kerteh about 15 years ago and i think that's was the only time I saw this guy. Maybe they did came over on some CNY but I really can't recall. I don't really want to go mainly because i know i will be bored shitless as i knew no one there...and i will be going alone. Moreover, for those who are in the know, there are certain things that Catholics and Methodist don't really see eye to eye (to put it lightly). Thus, deepening my reluctance to attend.

But then, what the hack...woke up this morning and decided to attend. I sort of knew where it is as it used to be the old Singer building. DUMC is so rich that they bought over the Singer warehouse and convert it into their church. When i reached there...i almost "buang"...the name of the church is 'Dream Centre"....what a name for a church...anyways, pared my car and made my way to the auditorium. Wow!! Was i impressed....this is not a church, this is a concert hall....there are 3 huge ass, live football matches kind of cameras covering the event..i think the whole auditorium with its AV equipment easily cost 10 million quids....really....(well, its not hard seeing that it is copulsary for Methodist to pay 10% of their household income to the church, called tidings or something..and u imagine Damansara Utama area....)

To cut the story short, I was quite glad that i decided to go for the wedding. Maybe it's God's makes me so glad that i am a Catholic. Thier hardware might be impressive but the software (Holy Spirit) is just not there. I do not have the same kind of feeling when the Pastors pray compared to what I feel when Priests prays...their's sound so much like a gimmick, so politician if you would allow. I just can't feel the Holy Spirit in it....or in the prayers. Its like the prayers doesn't connect to the Lord...not like how it feels or the vibes when Father William or Father George prays...

This wedding, going through the Methodist version of Christ worship...had further affirmed my faith...that I have to thank my dad and the bridegroom for that.....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Final - Espana vs Deutschland

Xavi, Guitar and Silva. Their goals put Spain through to the the finals of Euro 2008. Russia, with all the hype surrounding Hiddink and Arshavin, were simply outplayed by Spain. Or more appropriately, Arshavin didn't show up. He was anonymous throughout the game. Don't think he got more than 10 touches of the ball.

The injury to Villa might seemed to be a blessing in disguise. When Fabregas got on in place of Villa, he brought along much needed pace and intelligence in Spain's play. He had a hand in the last 2 goals. Nando wasn't his usual self yesterday. Any other day in Liverpool shirt he would have bagged himself 2 hattricks. Maybe its the storm....hmmm....

Good news for Sapnish defense. Puyol was at his usual best. An epitome of modern sweeper. After being slated during the the group stages, Sergio Ramos is getting better and better. He is part of the reason why Arshavin didn't got a sniff of the goal.

Anyhow, being forced to do something that I don't really want to do tomorrow. Have yet to decide whether to go ahead. Keep u guys posted tomorrow.....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This morning, as usual, I was driving to work. Noticed a big ass spider enjoying himself running around the front passenger seat. Grab newspaper and tried to whack it. The bastard damn agile, hit it a few times still cannot kena.

When I was trying to compensate for the asshole's movement to deliver a one final blow....CRASH!!!!....I inadvertently swerved a bit to the left and crashed into the road divider. Damn...a quarter if my next months salary gone....

Luckily I wasn't driving that fast. But the damage was quite substantial too. Might cost me more than 500 bucks to repair it.

Lesson of the Day: Keep a can of Shieldtox in your car.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Viva Espana!!!!

Yesterday's semi final gives more wight to my hypothesis: Italians are damn good actors and they most probably are gay. Come on, you've got to be shittin'....Silva fouled by Toni. Like Ru said its like dwarf winning a wrestling match against a giant.

Anyways, Espana got their just result from the penalty shoot out. Only the combination of bad luck, poor finishing, good defending (you've got to give that to the gay boys) and some very very bizarre (to say the least) substitution by Aragones that prevented Spain from romping home 3-0 winners. Spain did all the running and passing. Silva in particular ran rings around the Italian defense. The Italian were at their usual best of defending en masse deep in their half and trying to curi ayam via Toni via crosses from Grosso.

And again, Nando was subbed off. This time replaced by the stupid idiotic Guiza(Guitar, Geesa, Geezer, watever your name is). He can't run, he can't shoot, he can't hold up play. He is wasting the food supply of the Spanish camp. Really amazes me why the old hag subbed Nando with a Guitar. Nando with had made a fool out of the old hag named Panucci at the closing stages. Maybe spare me more sleep time.

I don't know why am I bitching eventhough Spain did went through to the semis. Maybe it is because I am damn freakin' worried about what Guus will do to us if Aragones continues his senile streak.

Oh yeah, I am quite sure I saw Pepe speaking to Casillas before the penalty shoot out :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oranje Peeled???

I picked up a copy of The Sun's Euro Supplementary just now and you really have to give it to the sports editor. The headline screamed "ORANJE PEELED"...I was like LMAO. Peeled....literally.

Netherlands were largely outplayed by a very lively and dynamic Russian side. Maybe the dutch did too much running during the Group stages. They can't seem to cope with the pace of the Russians. Arshavin, in particular, single handedly destroyed the Dutch. Palywtfchenko could had ended the tie way before Van Horseface equalized...but as I said in my earlier post, its alright to have an aeroplane guy upfront if you have Arshavin, Zirkiv and Zyranov as your attacking midfield.

If Spain go pass the gay boys, they really really have thread carefully in the semis. But, thing at a time. Like Alberto said, Spain will never go past the q-finals. And that is a verdict of Spanish dude living in Salamanca. Looks like the Esponyols ain't expecting too much....

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Russia was a different force with Ashavin back in the side. The midfield trio of Zirkov, Zurianov and Ashavin wis so damn good it doesn't matter if you have an aeroplane shooter like Palyvchenko upfront. Kuyt and Co must not take the Russkies too lightly.

Got back from RCIA a moment ago and there wasn't that much enquirers as hoped for. Father say he wants 50. Still remember his comments last Saturday,"For a parish of 5000, we have only 19 baptism last Easter. No one joined the Seminary or Convent last year. You know what Kajang has most? Marriage!!! Everyone want to get married." ^_^"'

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Villa Show

After the hattrick against the Russkies, Villa whacked in a last minute injury goal goal to send Spain into the Quarter Finals. All round, Spain is good value for money for the win. Only thing that worries me is the defense. After Puyol was substituted, the whole back line was in disarray. It is so obvious that Puyol is a one man defense of Spain. Raul "whatever his last name is" was shite. So is Segio Ramos. He was at fault for Zlatan's goal. Hopefully Puyol's injury is nothing serious.

Weeheee!!! And Torres is off the mark for Euro 2008. If I were Rafa i would be cracking my calculator to bring Villa to Anfield. Torres and Villa is a match made in heaven.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

7 States in 2 Days - Day 2

Basically, we arrived at Ipoh, Ate and Slept in the hotel. Before sleeping, held an EGM and decided to drive up to Cameron Highlands via Simpang Pulai. I don't mind a little bit of fresh air and some greeneries now and then. Summore Cameron Highland is a photogs dreamland :D

Something wrong with my blogger uploading. I will try to upload more later :D

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Redefining the Phrase "Fill Her Up"

Prices of commodity globally had been on rise recently. Crude oil prices had been hovering around the USD150 per barrel over the pass few months and it is obvious that the government cannot sustain the current fuel subsidy. The rakyat were bracing themselves for a fuel prices increase. It came today via Pak Tidur's announcement. An increase of 78sens to RM2.70 per litter. Increase of 40%!!!!!

My god...where did this come from??? With the prices of food also at a rise, we junior execs really can bite the dust already. Siao one...well they give a rebate of RM625 per year for car below 2000cc but it doesn't take a mathematical genius to figure out that amount is peanuts compared to the extra cost we need to fork out annually.

No, Pak Lah. I don't buy your "
Kerajaan komited untuk memastikan golongan berpendapatan rendah dan sederhana tidak akan dibebani dengan kenaikan kos petrol dan makanan."

You have my vote of "No Confidence".

Edit: Najib says change your life-style. Fuck you, mate. Do we need the bloody Sukhoi-31s and the Scorpene Submarines?? Stop sending your daughter to Sri Garden and that is changing life-style. Walk the talk, mate. Asshole.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

7 States in 2 Days - Day 1

School holiday...Dad planned to go state hopping with Big Aunt and Uncle from Singapore. Uncle Long decided to join in the fun. So ten of us decided to bundle into an Avanza and a Jazz and took off from Segamat.

Passing by Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, our first stop was Jenjarum. They wanted to visit the Dong Zan Si...some huge Buddhist Monastery. Before that, going to the temple, we tried to look for a coffee shop. Instead, ended up in a Dim Sum shop.

The Dim Sum ain't half bad at all...and not as expensive in KL. After that, the main event which was just 300 meters away. Nothing spectacular though...maybe its because it is dead in the afternoon and we were not really in the mood to explore it under the hot sun.

Next stop was Kuala Selangor for the fame seafood. From Jenjarum to Kuala Selangor was a 1 and a half hour drive along Route 70. We hopped into Jeti Seafood Restaurant. The food wasn't that great. I think it's becoz of the crowd. The whole place was crawling with day trip tourist.

Damn thirsty so ordered a big arse coconut.

This is some sort of sea shells called 刺螺...the name obviously come from the spikes. To eat it you have to use a long tooth pick to dig out the flesh.

The buggers in the kitchen overcooked the clams...a waste really. It was supposed to be damn good if it is soft and juicy...

While waiting for the other dishes, we had an unexpected sideshow...there was a procession of deities of the local temple. I have seen procession on land, but this is the first time I had seen one on water.

The other dishes arrived when I was busy shooting and my clan had already started to dig in. Hence no food photo of the other dishes. Basically we ordered a fish head curry (not bad), fried oyster omelette(too soggy), mabuk prawn (not fresh) and a vege. After lunch walked around the village of Pasir Penambang (the fishing village where we had our lunch).

Obviously this place is quite famous for the prawn crackers. We bought a few (not from this shop) but it was laden with MSG. Got it from the wrong outlet it seems.

No complaints with this Heong Peng though. It was fresh from the oven and the filling is still liquidy on the next day.

Salted Fish

Fish Balls

Throw in a fishing boat for good measures. Next stop Ipoh...but before that, paid a visit to the Leaning Tower of Anson. It is leaning due to poor workmanship...LOL

Arrive at Ipoh at around 8pm. After check in at Excelsior Hotel went looking for food. Found the famous Cowan Street Chucken, Tauge Hor Fun shop just across the road. It was a Sunday but still filled with local diners. Took us 10 minutes to wait for a table. Worth the wait as the food is as good as it reputation.

Chicken Spare Parts....LOL

Big fat Juicy Tauge....

Chicken Feet...after eat will get happy feet...LOL

After that we got back to the hotel and hit the sack. The next day's journey was an impromptu decision by be continued... :D