Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Villa Show

After the hattrick against the Russkies, Villa whacked in a last minute injury goal goal to send Spain into the Quarter Finals. All round, Spain is good value for money for the win. Only thing that worries me is the defense. After Puyol was substituted, the whole back line was in disarray. It is so obvious that Puyol is a one man defense of Spain. Raul "whatever his last name is" was shite. So is Segio Ramos. He was at fault for Zlatan's goal. Hopefully Puyol's injury is nothing serious.

Weeheee!!! And Torres is off the mark for Euro 2008. If I were Rafa i would be cracking my calculator to bring Villa to Anfield. Torres and Villa is a match made in heaven.


Fragile said...

Dude, 'match made in heaven'?

That sounds wrong.


enhaw82 said...

u don't think dirty lar...


Fragile said...

Laughing My Off Ass.

Muahahaha. LMAO!