Monday, June 30, 2008

Vamos Espana!!!!

I am damn tired. Slept for a little over 2 hours yesterday. Worth it though. Watch Spain create history by beating 'em Jerries to win their 2nd European Cup after 40 odd years. The hero, u guessed it, Fernando Torres. He muscled off Philip Lahm on the 33 minute and chipped in the only goal of the match.

The Jerries never really showed up. I have to say this again....Mario Gomez is absolutely shite, dunno what all the hype surrounding him is about. Spain literally ran circles around the Jerries. Only fault, if one have to look for, is that Spain was playing a bit like Arsenal. Trying to be too cute. Sometimes, just smack the ball and be done with it instead of trying to run the ball over the goal line.

Banging my head a few times against the wall today. I don't normally by Magnum 4D unless my car got crashed or something. That's what happened on last Tuesday so bought 8131, 2 big 2 small (forward and "gostan") on Saturday. Then threw in my dad's car number 3181, 1 big 1 small. Ok, fine. Din strike. Then Sunday 6pm something had the urge to go buy again. But it was raining hippos (quoting peiru) so nvr mind. This morning, Godma called and asked got strike 3181 third prize or not. I almost crashed my car into another road divider.......damn.......RM1,500 gone...

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