Thursday, June 05, 2008

Redefining the Phrase "Fill Her Up"

Prices of commodity globally had been on rise recently. Crude oil prices had been hovering around the USD150 per barrel over the pass few months and it is obvious that the government cannot sustain the current fuel subsidy. The rakyat were bracing themselves for a fuel prices increase. It came today via Pak Tidur's announcement. An increase of 78sens to RM2.70 per litter. Increase of 40%!!!!!

My god...where did this come from??? With the prices of food also at a rise, we junior execs really can bite the dust already. Siao one...well they give a rebate of RM625 per year for car below 2000cc but it doesn't take a mathematical genius to figure out that amount is peanuts compared to the extra cost we need to fork out annually.

No, Pak Lah. I don't buy your "
Kerajaan komited untuk memastikan golongan berpendapatan rendah dan sederhana tidak akan dibebani dengan kenaikan kos petrol dan makanan."

You have my vote of "No Confidence".

Edit: Najib says change your life-style. Fuck you, mate. Do we need the bloody Sukhoi-31s and the Scorpene Submarines?? Stop sending your daughter to Sri Garden and that is changing life-style. Walk the talk, mate. Asshole.

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