Tuesday, June 03, 2008

7 States in 2 Days - Day 1

School holiday...Dad planned to go state hopping with Big Aunt and Uncle from Singapore. Uncle Long decided to join in the fun. So ten of us decided to bundle into an Avanza and a Jazz and took off from Segamat.

Passing by Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, our first stop was Jenjarum. They wanted to visit the Dong Zan Si...some huge Buddhist Monastery. Before that, going to the temple, we tried to look for a coffee shop. Instead, ended up in a Dim Sum shop.

The Dim Sum ain't half bad at all...and not as expensive in KL. After that, the main event which was just 300 meters away. Nothing spectacular though...maybe its because it is dead in the afternoon and we were not really in the mood to explore it under the hot sun.

Next stop was Kuala Selangor for the fame seafood. From Jenjarum to Kuala Selangor was a 1 and a half hour drive along Route 70. We hopped into Jeti Seafood Restaurant. The food wasn't that great. I think it's becoz of the crowd. The whole place was crawling with day trip tourist.

Damn thirsty so ordered a big arse coconut.

This is some sort of sea shells called 刺螺...the name obviously come from the spikes. To eat it you have to use a long tooth pick to dig out the flesh.

The buggers in the kitchen overcooked the clams...a waste really. It was supposed to be damn good if it is soft and juicy...

While waiting for the other dishes, we had an unexpected sideshow...there was a procession of deities of the local temple. I have seen procession on land, but this is the first time I had seen one on water.

The other dishes arrived when I was busy shooting and my clan had already started to dig in. Hence no food photo of the other dishes. Basically we ordered a fish head curry (not bad), fried oyster omelette(too soggy), mabuk prawn (not fresh) and a vege. After lunch walked around the village of Pasir Penambang (the fishing village where we had our lunch).

Obviously this place is quite famous for the prawn crackers. We bought a few (not from this shop) but it was laden with MSG. Got it from the wrong outlet it seems.

No complaints with this Heong Peng though. It was fresh from the oven and the filling is still liquidy on the next day.

Salted Fish

Fish Balls

Throw in a fishing boat for good measures. Next stop Ipoh...but before that, paid a visit to the Leaning Tower of Anson. It is leaning due to poor workmanship...LOL

Arrive at Ipoh at around 8pm. After check in at Excelsior Hotel went looking for food. Found the famous Cowan Street Chucken, Tauge Hor Fun shop just across the road. It was a Sunday but still filled with local diners. Took us 10 minutes to wait for a table. Worth the wait as the food is as good as it reputation.

Chicken Spare Parts....LOL

Big fat Juicy Tauge....

Chicken Feet...after eat will get happy feet...LOL

After that we got back to the hotel and hit the sack. The next day's journey was an impromptu decision by all...to be continued... :D

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