Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oranje Peeled???

I picked up a copy of The Sun's Euro Supplementary just now and you really have to give it to the sports editor. The headline screamed "ORANJE PEELED"...I was like LMAO. Peeled....literally.

Netherlands were largely outplayed by a very lively and dynamic Russian side. Maybe the dutch did too much running during the Group stages. They can't seem to cope with the pace of the Russians. Arshavin, in particular, single handedly destroyed the Dutch. Palywtfchenko could had ended the tie way before Van Horseface equalized...but as I said in my earlier post, its alright to have an aeroplane guy upfront if you have Arshavin, Zirkiv and Zyranov as your attacking midfield.

If Spain go pass the gay boys, they really really have thread carefully in the semis. But, thing at a time. Like Alberto said, Spain will never go past the q-finals. And that is a verdict of Spanish dude living in Salamanca. Looks like the Esponyols ain't expecting too much....

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