Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Boleh-ness in Boleh Land

Our beloved Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation refuted NASA's claim that our Angkasawan is not merely a space tourist. in NASA's website, they list our beloved Angkasawan as a space flight participant aka space tourist, but our genius Minister tells NASA to go fly kite (no pun intended) coz the Ruskies label our Angkasawan as Cosmonauts. If i were half well versed in business, i would definitely not label a country who had just bought a squadron of Su-30MKM from me as merely a "space tourist".

Instead of being humble by saying something like "we are taking this opportunity as a learning experience as a stepping stone towards our own space programme", this genius in our cabinet have to talk cock to the agency that is planning to build a moon base by year 2020 as a launch pad to Mars. Ini panggil shiok hai betul...

So our angkasawan will be contemplating on what is the best trajectory yo flip a Roti Canai in space while NASA will continue to calculate the best trajectory to Mars...

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Good Chef Brings Joy to People

Grandpop was admitted to Putra Hospital in Melaka on Saturday. So, yesterday dad, mum and I decided to drive down to Melaka to check on him. I would scoot to KL straight from Melaka. We started off from Segamat quite late at around 6.30pm. Half way at Jementah, we decided to stop by this restaurant called Seng Kee Seafood Sharkfin Restaurant.

This dude, i presume he's the boss, came and took our order. He started off by asking what fish we want. Dad said we don't want fish, we just want some simple dishes. This dude's friendly demenour turned into contempt immediatelly. Starting from that moment, his attitude was down right disrespectful.

Cooks or restaurant owners like these destroyed the whole meaning of cooking for others. Yes, restaurants are to make money. But at the sametime, these ppl should not forget that cooks are suppose to bring joy to ppl through their cooking. Again, i this dude obviouslly doesn't know the true spirit of me, its nothing for a chef to cook up a storm using top of the range ingredients...but if u make a mean dish out of bitter gourd and eggs...i will say that u r something....