Sunday, November 26, 2006

MYTH CONFIRMED....Mentos + Coca Cola

Few weeks ago i got this e-mail a few times showing pictures of a bunch of brazilian kids doing a demonstartion with a bottle of 1.5L Coke and a seems that a concoction of mentos and Coke will coz a reaction that makes the cook shoot sky high...the e-mail even claims that 2 brazilian kid died after eating mentos and drinking coke together.....since the ingredients are easily available...i decided to play mythbuster today......

Results as follows :

It seems that mentos and coke really does not mix will...myth confirmed!!!

Kuala Lumpur Air Carnival '06 - The biggest rip off ever

Over the past week Mix FM had been talking about this Air Carnival going on in the former Subang Airport. In addition to that, i read in the paper that our DPM officiated the event on Friday and it was reportedly a kick ass event. Being the aviation fanboy that i am, i felt obliged to pay this place a visit
i forced myself up for at 8.00am even after Liverpool vs Man City until 1am and drove all the way from Sg Long to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (y they can't stick to the name Subang Airport) ....and boy, was i in for a bloody surprise :sweat:

I reached there, walked into Terminal 3 and was greated with various booths promoting Flying Clubs, Aeromodelling Busineses, Flying schools, TUDM recruitment booth etc etc etc...all still well and dandy...then i saw this information counter selling tix for RM10 a pop to the so called real deal where the aircrafts are...fine..i paid up and made my way to the air field......and wat the fark...

The only piece of military hardware on display was a Frenchie chopper (i don't even care to remember the name) born in 1963...double wat the fark

At least i got to see a Eurocopter in action...this is the most modern piece of hardware there...

Malaysia's Finest is not to be outdone by our Air Force who brought they 1963 old fart for show....they brought a piece off beat up, rusty, barely air worthy piece off flying machine too....

Later i did saw a demonstration of paragliding.....but for RM 10 for admission is just a blatant rip off...hack, there is less then 20 planes on display and they call it a farkin air carnival....and our DPM was singing his praises for the organizers...obviously he never heard of Farnsborough....

This is a bladi disgrace for Malaysian Aviation....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Got Myself a PSP!!!

For those who knew me long enuff probably know's that i was quite a gamer back in my uni days...gowever, since my working life began...i had done very little gaming...firstly is that not much time for that and my gaming rig is back home in Segamat...

I really did miss my gaming quite a lot and that's y i got myself a Playstation Portable lately....since it is portable, i can with out the console and play games whenever i am free....for those who are uninitiated....the PSP is more then just a can also play music, videos and even browse the net through wifi (guess it can do anything besides wash dishes :p)

Monday, October 09, 2006

There's No Place For Rasicm in Football

For those who knew me well enuff would know that i am a big fan of football (soccer for 'em yankees...duh!!). For all its beuaty and glory, football had benn tainted by numerous undesirable elements lately. Bungs, match fixing (Serie A), Zidane's Headbutt, diving (simulation)....etc etc etc....

To me, the one thing that really piss me off is racism in football...imagine you are enjoying Barcelona vs are admiring the skills of E'too, Ronaldinho and co....then when everytime E'too touch the ball u hear monkey chants from a section of pea brained fans....can't they understand that God created everyone equel? Being different in skin colour does not make someone superior or's all in a person's conduct that a person should be judged....

Racism is especially widespread in Spanish Football...and i am sad to say that the Spanish Football Authorities are not doing or i should say that they seemed to be not interested to curb this unhealthy trend. Clubs are only fined a nominal amount (in football standards) when their fans racially insult opposition players...for god's sake, dock their points, make them play all their homegames in an empty stadium...these penalties are sure to wake their pea-brained fans up....

Being a Liverpool FC fan, i am very glad to say that we Kopites do not behave so disgracefully...we admire players for their skill, their prowess on the field and also their commitment to the game. We onli give sticks to players from Old Toilet and also Chelski...and reserve the most grieve for certain team in blue who shares the same city with Liverpool FC...quoting the great Bill Shankly...there are 2 great teams in Merseyside, Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves :p YNWA....

This a Nike Wristband for the Stand Up, Speak Up Campaign. Top players like Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry are involved in this campaign. It's difficult to get this wrsitband in Malaysia. However, u still can shot your support to this campaign by wearing balck and white on a specified day...or u may even create your own black and white wristband or tie a black and white ribbon on your bag pack...

For more info on the fight against racism in football, you may want to pay a visit.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dim Sum @ EeSt, Westin KL

So, we had seen the decor of EeSt. You must be wondering how does the food compare to the aesthetics of the restaurant. I'll put it this way. The taste of the food is nothing to shout about, but I am not saying its bad. It's acceptable but nothing special. The best dim sum I had ever eaten is still Celestial Court at Sheraton Inperial (i no need to pay one for that. Got ppl belanja) but the price also a lot of difference lar. However, true to the spirit of EeSt, the presentation of the food is really a sight to behold. The fried dim sums come in plates which are a few times bigger, garnished with various condiments at the edge of the plates. Eating the dim sum is like going to an art gallery and then eating the art pieces after admiring them.

The waiter brought us a plate of appertizers when we were looking through the menu. It consists of some chicken bits, fried eel skin and japanese baby squids

There is cheese, yes, cheddar to be exact wrap in this beancurd skin. The balck colour sauce is the regular dim sum sweet sauce used like olive oil to drizzle around the plate like in western cuisine. Garnished with Japanese seaweed. Fusion to its core.

See the "kei ji" arrange like flower petals at the edge of the plate? No wonder the food takes so long to serve

The desserts....

The brown colour one is Double Boiled Apple and Aloe Vera in Rock Sugar Syrup

Green tea ice cream with red bean paste...typical japanese fare...nothing out of the ordinary.

This pudding is so "mango" has fresh chunks of mango in it

EeSt @ Westin, KL - Fusion at its Best

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go for Dim Sum Buffett brunch at EeSt, a fushion restaurant located at Westin, KL. Prior to this, I had heard a lot about the kick ass interior design of this restaurant. This restaurant is designed by well known interior designe, Ed Poole. For more info can look into

Well, this EeSt does not disappoint (I'll keep this post on the aesthetics of EeSt, food will come later). The design weaves traditional elements and modern elements into one seamlessly. Bottles of wines did not look out of place next to the sushi bar. Pieces of modern art sits side by side with giant cauldrons of ancient chinese design. Mini pools scattered around the restaurant creates a sense of Zen. Coupled with the new age music meandering across the restaurant, the atmosphere was indeed surreal.

One of the many mini ponds. The ponds and wooden floor panel is so Japanese and the Mirrired wall is so urban. Simply brilliant.

Heck, even the tea cups have a east meets west feel to it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Guoman SWAT Camp

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Before u get any ideas of Kevlar vest and H&K MP5 submachine guns or tactical shields or doing a dynamic breach on a terrorist invested building....SWAT here does not stand for Special Weapons and Tactics. It is instead the acronym of Superior Work Attitude Training Camp...u have to give it to them for the branding though ^_^"'

Our 2nd day was mainly spent onthis camp going through 5 obstacle courses.....this are not the most difficult i had experience b4 (The IOLTC that i attended back in Secondary School in Hutan Rekreasi Air Keroh was much tougher)...well, since this is not targeted at hormone raging teenagers, i guess they have to tone it down a bit.

Dunno y pik chui pointing at me??
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Looking for Super man?
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Husband and Wife SWAT Team(Mr and Mr Smith???)

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Dunno which Heavyweight they pulling :D
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Tai Ke Cheh damn High :D
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Going Up....
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JLT Training - Guoman Resort, Port Dickson (Part III)

Due to the friggin blogger server yesterday, i was cut short of giving a simple description of the rules for this Charade Game. Firstly, we divided ourselves into 2 teams. Since the number of guys and gals were equal....there was team Gal Power and team Macho Libre....

The game goes like this: Guys will send out a representative who will be given a movie title by the gals...then this guy will have to mime the title and get the other guys to get the correct answer within 2 minutes....the same holds true for the gals.....each correct answer one point...

Hui Peng was good....but not the other gals

Macho men were having a hard time too......

After a gallant fight, we still succumbed to the gals trickery....they even got "The Abyss" correct....damn....and our last question was "To Wong Foo With Love"....WTF??!!!

Of coz, the losing party will have to do some silly dance to entertain the gals....Like all boys in the world, we tried to wriggle ourselves out of it...but there was no escape.. : ( the end.....

Monday, September 18, 2006

JLT Training, Guoman, Port Dickson (Part II)

Let's pick uo where i stopped yesterday.....while having lunch....i took this pic of amelia from my place about 2 tables away....this scene after converting to B&W could had came our from a P. Ramlee Movie :p

BBQ Dinner

Due to the increase in hard liquor, we had to yum seng using plain water : (

This pic have to be a classic candid many expressions in one pic....ahahahaha

Part of the buffet spread...

After dinner, we adjourn to jessie's room for some after dinner usual there was gambling...without money that is....

But soon, we got bored.....and Sheffield United vs Reading wasn't appealing

Then the person holding the camera, Mr Joshua Yong said.....

Everyone went.....OKAY!!!!!!

The bladi blogspot server is giving me a lot of grief, half of the pics i uploaded is now gone...and i am farkin tired....i will complete this entry tomolo...