Sunday, October 01, 2006

EeSt @ Westin, KL - Fusion at its Best

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go for Dim Sum Buffett brunch at EeSt, a fushion restaurant located at Westin, KL. Prior to this, I had heard a lot about the kick ass interior design of this restaurant. This restaurant is designed by well known interior designe, Ed Poole. For more info can look into

Well, this EeSt does not disappoint (I'll keep this post on the aesthetics of EeSt, food will come later). The design weaves traditional elements and modern elements into one seamlessly. Bottles of wines did not look out of place next to the sushi bar. Pieces of modern art sits side by side with giant cauldrons of ancient chinese design. Mini pools scattered around the restaurant creates a sense of Zen. Coupled with the new age music meandering across the restaurant, the atmosphere was indeed surreal.

One of the many mini ponds. The ponds and wooden floor panel is so Japanese and the Mirrired wall is so urban. Simply brilliant.

Heck, even the tea cups have a east meets west feel to it.

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