Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dim Sum @ EeSt, Westin KL

So, we had seen the decor of EeSt. You must be wondering how does the food compare to the aesthetics of the restaurant. I'll put it this way. The taste of the food is nothing to shout about, but I am not saying its bad. It's acceptable but nothing special. The best dim sum I had ever eaten is still Celestial Court at Sheraton Inperial (i no need to pay one for that. Got ppl belanja) but the price also a lot of difference lar. However, true to the spirit of EeSt, the presentation of the food is really a sight to behold. The fried dim sums come in plates which are a few times bigger, garnished with various condiments at the edge of the plates. Eating the dim sum is like going to an art gallery and then eating the art pieces after admiring them.

The waiter brought us a plate of appertizers when we were looking through the menu. It consists of some chicken bits, fried eel skin and japanese baby squids

There is cheese, yes, cheddar to be exact wrap in this beancurd skin. The balck colour sauce is the regular dim sum sweet sauce used like olive oil to drizzle around the plate like in western cuisine. Garnished with Japanese seaweed. Fusion to its core.

See the "kei ji" arrange like flower petals at the edge of the plate? No wonder the food takes so long to serve

The desserts....

The brown colour one is Double Boiled Apple and Aloe Vera in Rock Sugar Syrup

Green tea ice cream with red bean paste...typical japanese fare...nothing out of the ordinary.

This pudding is so "mango" has fresh chunks of mango in it

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