Thursday, May 25, 2006

Vroom Vroom Shoes

Managed to squeeze a few shots out of my 16MB SD Card.....

u know i am not shoe kind of since i was a kid..i own no more then 2 pair of for school and one for Sports+Leisure...of coz football boots doesn;t count...coz they can only be worn in one place....this 2 pair policy continued into my working leather shoes for work..and one for gym+leisure....then lately i have been getting comments like..."oi, y u wear your gym shoes to karaoke? u not scared it stinks ah??" That's when i wear my Nike running shoes for leisure....when i wear my leather shoes for weekends, i'll get..."Oi! U going to work ah??"

Hence, when i loitered into Why Pay More just now, i saw some good bargains and decided to get myself a pair of replica motor racing shoes just for 行街街.......

Two Pumas

Side View

Nicht flammfest??? Who's stupid enuff to wear this shoe and walk on burning coal?? nuts....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Temporary out of Action

For the folks that are looking forward to more of the photos I took (i know there ain't a lot)...i am sad to say that I will be out of commission for at least until next wednesday.....the reason is that my 512MB SD card had been robbed by the lovely Simone jie...actually not rob lar...she borrowed it for her trip for Shang Hai...hence the 16MB card that was bundled with my Powershot A610 is currently nestled nicely in the mem card slot of the i have enuf memory for 8 photos at maximum nice...there goes my trip to Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Monica's Birthday @ Little Penang

Today is Monica's birthday and Janice organized everyone to Little Penang at KLCC to buy Monica lunch. Simone, Bee Heong and me went there in Joshua's Evo 9. Not my first time in his Evo but this is the first time he decided to show his car's muscle. He sped down all the way along the elevated highway...Exhilarating stuff ; )

Our dear ex-collegues form Marsh Tony and Lim joined us there. As usual, the ever willing Mr Lim cracked everyone up with his unique brand of humour. He spoke about his recent trip to China, about something as the last virgin in Jalan Ampang, Anaconda, Tooth Ppick etc etc etc...even Bee Heong was impressed. And Tony was seen deep in conversation with Monica.

The so called kick ass char koay comment: GO FLY KITE

At Little Penang most of us ordered the Char Koay Tiao...accordingly it is supposed to be quite good. In the end it was quite disappointing. Nothing out of the ordinary...i had tried better..and the price ^_^"' .....Anyway...not for the food's for the occasion...only thing there was no cake.

Birthday girl is the one with the laksa

Half eaten ice kacang

Monday, May 15, 2006

Bridal Fashion @ 1U

After the meal found out that there was fashion show going on at main concourse. Made our way there but most of the good spots taken. I managed to squeeze into one nice spot at the 2nd floor and snapped a few shots....i lazy to write in the shooting info lar...see EXIF data if want to know...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Decendant of the Basket?? WTF?? Literally Translated :D

Went to 1 Utama with my sis to buy present for mum. We got a scarf and winter gloves for her since she will be going to Tibet with my dad in the end of month. After buying the presents, we went to 笼的传人 for dinner. We ordered their signature dish, the 小笼包, 锅贴 and one bowl of noodle each. I have to say that the 小笼包 is quite good. The thickness of the skin is just nice, and the taste of the soup inside is tasty. Definitely better than the Jade Kitchen at Lot 10.

Shutter Speed 1/25, Aperture 3.5, ISO 200, Auto WB, UV Filter

Szechuan Spicy Ra Men 四川麻辣拉面
Shutter Speed 1/13, Aperture 2.8, ISO 200, Auto WB, UV Filter

Small Dragon Bao :D 小笼包
Shuttle speed 1/10, Aperture 3.5, ISO 200, Auto WB, UV Filter

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fried Topiaco Noodle???

Today Jessie's Boyfriend, who is in India on assignment, sent her a big bouquet of roses and a teddy bear through Her birthday is tomorrow. Jessie, as all gals would, was flabbergasted(my "england" very terror leh :p). However, her euphoria later turned into on earth is she going to get home by LRT carrying a bouquet of roses and a not so small sized teddy bear. Being the good colleague that I always am offered to send her home in my CLK (Cute Little Kelisa). Of course there is a warranty in the policy..."Warranted that the passenger will buy the driver dinner, the driver deserve the right to deny liability on any free rides to the passenger" :D

So, Jessie brought me to a small little restaurant along Old Klang Road called Pu Yuan Restaurant. The entrance to the restaurant is tucked nicely along a backlane like some shady joint but the food there is anything but shady. Jessie ordered their signature dish known as Fried Topiaco Noodle...before we left the office Simone commented that I am 蕃薯so it's good that I eat 炒薯粉.... ^_^"' Besides that we have something called the 炒白糕....I have to say that the food is rather special...not something you can find in other places and the taste is quite good...the only complain is that it is rather oily. I have to warn that the prices are quite steep. Jessie is RM25.70 poorer after the meal which consist of the 2 noodles, a taufu and 2 drinks.

Shutter speed 1/10, Aperture 2.8, ISO 200, Auto WB, UV Filter

and white...炒白糕
Shutter speed 1/10, Aperture 2.8, ISO 200, Auto WB, UV Filter

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mission: Impossible III aka Alias the Movie

Went to watch M:I 3 yesterday...I never carry much expectations for this kind of movie especially one helmed by a TV Series Director (JJ Abrams, Lost and Alias), went just for viewing pleasure and also the company *wink* *wink* :p

Who said i need rescuing???

Just like so many episodes of Alias, the movie starts at somewhere in the 3rd quarter of story line with Ethan Hunt and a gal, whom we later find to be his wife, captured by the evil antoganist. After some threats from the fat bad guy, we are brought back to the past where it all happens...i am not going to spoil it for those who have not watched it...but i can't help but point out all the similarities with Alias:

The biggest similarity is the cinematography, i swear that i thought i saw Jennifer instead of Tom running through the streets of Shang Hai. And then there is this geeky tech whiz which reminds me of Marshall...and i think JJ Abrams just reuse the set of APO (Authorized Personnel Only) office for the office of IMF...for more...go watch it and spot the difference...or rather spot the similarities

Damn...i am hot :p

So...bottom line is this show is not bad for entertainment...though not the best action movie i ever watched...not even close...lots of explosions and guns and of coz there is the very stunningly beautiful Maggie Q

Malaysia 2 Danes 3....damn!!!

Time: 4.00 pm
Date: 5 May 2006

The rain was pouring, lightning was flashing, thunder was rolling, thousand of miles away in Japan, the stage was set for the Thomas Cup semi final between Malaysia and Denmark. The television set was also ready at JLT office, albeit without colour and sound....back to the 50s....ROFL...for the staff to cheer Malaysia Boleh.

All work...well, almost all work...came to a standstill when the shuttlecock was first served for the 1st singles...our friend Lee Chong Wei went down without so much of a much for Malaysia boleh

1st doubles....Chan Chong Ming and Lan Si Koo fared better, beating the danes in rubber sets

2nd singles really pissed me off...that Hafiz really damn playing with his friend in the back lane...not suprising that he went down in rubber sets...

Weslin giving live commentary....GOAL!!!!...mate, wrong game
Shutter Speed 1/20, Aperture 5.0, ISO 200, Auto WB, 0.45x wide angle lens

after this i decided to go home...was in time to watch the last match...Kuan Beng Hong vs Joachim Persson...all hope rest on the 23 year old debutant....and guess what...he failed spectacularly..he went down 12-21 and 19-21 in a mere 32 minutes...damn....

Muru wishing he was there to help the Malaysian cause
Shutter speed 1/25, Aperture 5.0, ISO 200, WB tweaked with Paint Shop Pro 8.0, 0.45x wide angle lens

I can't help but think that the future looks bleak for Malaysian badminton...Wong Choon Han is already 29 years old and there is no heir apparent....where the f**k did all the tax payer money went trying to raise the standard of our players....

Our commentator giving us a piece of his mind...
Shutter speed 1/10, Aperture 5.0, ISO 200, Auto WB, 0.45x wide angle lens

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Of One Dead Fish and Two Dead Crabs

I went back to Segamat over the labour day weekend. Simone and Sheryl wanted to have a taste a small town life (just like Paris and Nicole :D) so they tagged along with me. Instead of getting a taste of kampung life, what they got was a damn bladi jam from Segamat to Seremban on Monday. I have to admit that this trip did not went well partly due to my poor planning. Didn't get to see the water fall at Gunung Ledang coz it was damn packed. All we did was eat eat eat eat and watch Astro at my home....well, at least we got to eat the some what half decent assam fish.

The Full Monty, Fish, Kangkung, Otak-otak and petai fried with prawns
Shutter Speed 1/30, Aperture 3.2, ISO 200, Auto WB, UV Filter, 0.45x Wide Angle Conversion Lens

As the saying goes...Dead as a Fish
Shutter speed 1/30, Aperture 2.8, ISO 200, Auto WB, UV Filter

On the way back from Segamat we started to use the trunk road starting from Linggi due to the massive jam at PLUS highway. The situation wasn't at the trunk road. We decided to stop at Seremban for dinner instead of being caught in the god forsaken jam. We wanted to eat the famous baked crab but it was sold out...damn. Ended having some crappy "jiang nan" crab at the restaurant next door....

It has got the looks, but not the brains...errr....taste rather
Shutter Speed 1/25, Aperture 2.8, ISO 200, Auto WB, 0.45x Wide Angle Conversion Lens

You so dead, Crabby....
Shutter speed 1/10, Aperture 2.8, ISO 200, Auto WB, UV Filter

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What kind of blogger r u?

So wat kind of blogger are u? Check out the side bar. I will have to say that the result is quite accurate. Afterall this is already my 3 blog :p Since I am an Anime fan, i feel that it is my obligation to do the survey. The result, surprisingly is quite accurate too. I am the Henna Gaijin...meaning the weird/sick/perverted (depends on situation) foreigner...hahahaha!!!!!!