Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fried Topiaco Noodle???

Today Jessie's Boyfriend, who is in India on assignment, sent her a big bouquet of roses and a teddy bear through Her birthday is tomorrow. Jessie, as all gals would, was flabbergasted(my "england" very terror leh :p). However, her euphoria later turned into on earth is she going to get home by LRT carrying a bouquet of roses and a not so small sized teddy bear. Being the good colleague that I always am offered to send her home in my CLK (Cute Little Kelisa). Of course there is a warranty in the policy..."Warranted that the passenger will buy the driver dinner, the driver deserve the right to deny liability on any free rides to the passenger" :D

So, Jessie brought me to a small little restaurant along Old Klang Road called Pu Yuan Restaurant. The entrance to the restaurant is tucked nicely along a backlane like some shady joint but the food there is anything but shady. Jessie ordered their signature dish known as Fried Topiaco Noodle...before we left the office Simone commented that I am 蕃薯so it's good that I eat 炒薯粉.... ^_^"' Besides that we have something called the 炒白糕....I have to say that the food is rather special...not something you can find in other places and the taste is quite good...the only complain is that it is rather oily. I have to warn that the prices are quite steep. Jessie is RM25.70 poorer after the meal which consist of the 2 noodles, a taufu and 2 drinks.

Shutter speed 1/10, Aperture 2.8, ISO 200, Auto WB, UV Filter

and white...炒白糕
Shutter speed 1/10, Aperture 2.8, ISO 200, Auto WB, UV Filter

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