Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mission: Impossible III aka Alias the Movie

Went to watch M:I 3 yesterday...I never carry much expectations for this kind of movie especially one helmed by a TV Series Director (JJ Abrams, Lost and Alias), went just for viewing pleasure and also the company *wink* *wink* :p

Who said i need rescuing???

Just like so many episodes of Alias, the movie starts at somewhere in the 3rd quarter of story line with Ethan Hunt and a gal, whom we later find to be his wife, captured by the evil antoganist. After some threats from the fat bad guy, we are brought back to the past where it all happens...i am not going to spoil it for those who have not watched it...but i can't help but point out all the similarities with Alias:

The biggest similarity is the cinematography, i swear that i thought i saw Jennifer instead of Tom running through the streets of Shang Hai. And then there is this geeky tech whiz which reminds me of Marshall...and i think JJ Abrams just reuse the set of APO (Authorized Personnel Only) office for the office of IMF...for more...go watch it and spot the difference...or rather spot the similarities

Damn...i am hot :p

So...bottom line is this show is not bad for entertainment...though not the best action movie i ever watched...not even close...lots of explosions and guns and of coz there is the very stunningly beautiful Maggie Q


Craig said...

the support team and characters are soooo much more intreneting that cruise and his main plotline. God... I was hoping she would either die or turn out to be the enemy.

this was as expected only an average movie, and such a let down after collateral.

nice blog btw


enhaw82 said...

I have to say that the plot is somewhat of the boss have to the mole :D

a2blog said...

nevertheless, maggie Q is hot..

and, i really like phillipe seymour hoffman. he's good.. just listen to how he expressed himself there.

if u want me to name another actor who can do so, it will be hugo weaving. hehe..