Sunday, May 07, 2006

Malaysia 2 Danes 3....damn!!!

Time: 4.00 pm
Date: 5 May 2006

The rain was pouring, lightning was flashing, thunder was rolling, thousand of miles away in Japan, the stage was set for the Thomas Cup semi final between Malaysia and Denmark. The television set was also ready at JLT office, albeit without colour and sound....back to the 50s....ROFL...for the staff to cheer Malaysia Boleh.

All work...well, almost all work...came to a standstill when the shuttlecock was first served for the 1st singles...our friend Lee Chong Wei went down without so much of a much for Malaysia boleh

1st doubles....Chan Chong Ming and Lan Si Koo fared better, beating the danes in rubber sets

2nd singles really pissed me off...that Hafiz really damn playing with his friend in the back lane...not suprising that he went down in rubber sets...

Weslin giving live commentary....GOAL!!!!...mate, wrong game
Shutter Speed 1/20, Aperture 5.0, ISO 200, Auto WB, 0.45x wide angle lens

after this i decided to go home...was in time to watch the last match...Kuan Beng Hong vs Joachim Persson...all hope rest on the 23 year old debutant....and guess what...he failed spectacularly..he went down 12-21 and 19-21 in a mere 32 minutes...damn....

Muru wishing he was there to help the Malaysian cause
Shutter speed 1/25, Aperture 5.0, ISO 200, WB tweaked with Paint Shop Pro 8.0, 0.45x wide angle lens

I can't help but think that the future looks bleak for Malaysian badminton...Wong Choon Han is already 29 years old and there is no heir apparent....where the f**k did all the tax payer money went trying to raise the standard of our players....

Our commentator giving us a piece of his mind...
Shutter speed 1/10, Aperture 5.0, ISO 200, Auto WB, 0.45x wide angle lens

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