Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Malaysia vs Chelshit

Ever went through an experience that makes you appreciate something that you have? I wrote sometime last month that after attending a Methodist Wedding, I was very grateful that i am a Catholic. Well, I had the same experience today.

Melvin got hold of 2 VIP tickets to watch the Chelshit match at Stadium Shah Alam today. He can't go hence he asked me whether I want them. Well, what the hack..since its free. Maybe i can check out what Fat Phil is all about. Or even check out how Deco fits into the team. After all, Chelshit will definitely be a major adversary of Liverpool this coming season. Go do some scouting for fellow scousers. And I invited Ru along.

You know how we Scousers gave 'em Blue Noses a lot of grief over their plastic flags during the CL semi finals last season. We weren't expecting much "passion" from the Chelshit fans but guess was 8.15pm and we stuck at this jam aroound 1 km from the Stadium. I took a look around and there were many many cars loaded with Chelshit shirts. Come on, this is your team in town. If it was a Liverpool match, we scousers would have painted the whole stadium red right from afternoon and not get stuck in the jam in the last minute. Hack, we might even paint the green Giant Hypermarket (adjacent to the stadium) into red!!!

That doesn't even take the cake....we got ourselves into the stadium just in time for kick off.....I wasn't surprise when the stadium was only 3 quarter full...and the VIP section...Malaysian shirts were outnumbering chelshit shirts....not surprising since a lot of blue noses only become "fans" after a certain russkie billionaire took over. Banners, you asked? or rather plastic flags? Don't say about plastic flags, there were only 2 miserable banners visible throughout the whole stadium. One reads "CFC GO TO KL". Dude! Get ur grammer and vocab correct ok?It's "CFC COMES TO KL". You are in KL, u Bluenose Ah Beng. Damn it, man. If Liverpool were to visit Stadium Shah Alam, I would be the first one (together with my-Rawk members) transforming the stadium into an Asian Anfield. I am not sure whether Chelshit have any club songs, but throughout the duration of the match...there were only "ooh's" and "ah's". Not even one single music note.....tsk,tsk...kesian. The only "passion" from 'em bluenoses are 3 mexican waves.

Well, you can't actually blame the chelshit fans for being passionless. I mean you look at their players. How many can truely say that they love the club. They are all damn bloody mercenaries. To be fair you might say that John Terry is all for Chelsea but look at the others. Sometimes, more often than not, attitude of players rub on to the fans. Which is exactly why Chelshit had 1,000 or something unsold CL Final tickets. That to me, is a disgrace.

Glad that I am red, through and true. Results from this scouting mission on next post. And i have to say it looks good for Liverpool if my observations are correct. Btw, Cleshit won 2-0, which is not too bad for Malaysia. Well, that's for another story.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cameras and Batman

Location: Sg Long
Weather: Humid
Mood: Not Bad :D

Quote of the Day:
Eventhough you are in the driver's seat, that doesn't mean you have to run others down - Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Went to MVM Gardens today to watch The Dark Knight with Ru (review previous post). Got that like around 12.50pm and it was damn bloody jammed. Guess everyone got their salaries already. The security made me went round and round and round. I wasmade to park at Premiere parking (don't ask how much it cost). It was already 1.45pm when i got out my car. Went down to GSC Signature (didn't even bother to check out GSC MVM) and got tickets for 3rd row from the front. Wasn't really an issue with Premiere class. Seats were quite comfy. After the getting the tickets went to Adidas shop and saw the away jersey. It looks more hideous in real life. Pathetic Adidas designers. May asked me to buy this book called The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Ran through the forst 2 chapters at Long John Silvers while luching. Its not bad...quite inspiring.

There was this camera fair thingy at Center Courtby photo shangrila. Pentax K20D and 200D was on displayed. Fired of a few frames on the K20D. It was brilliant. Virtually noiseless at ISO 1600. I am going to blow my bonus on that. The sales girl was trying to sell the K200D to a Malay uncle. She wasn't really convincing so i helped her out a bit (seeing that she is quite cute..LMAO). Didn't closed the deal there but i think the Malay uncle will be coming back. I asked her about the price of K20D body only and she referred me to Shriro direct. LOL....the non promotional prices from Shangri La (promotion only for body + kit lens) must be killer. Quite a good deal for K200D dual kit lens though they are having but today last day :D

After movie we went to the Nyonya something at Gardens. Thinking of having my dinner while waiting for Ru's dad to pick her up and guess what, they were out of food...brilliant. Ended up lepaking in MPH again until her dad came.

Got home and updating this blog. Will try to out in some practise time later but my fingers are killing me......

Good Guy?! Bad Guy?!

Movie day with Ru today at MVM Gardens....

The Dark Knight is awesome. Period. The cast of Christian Bale, Heath Ledger (R.I.P.), Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman etc carried the plot and intensity of the movie effortlessly. Maggie Gyllenhaal gives a measure strength and character which Katie Holmes fails to deliver. Kate is just to bimbo to carry the role of Rachel Dawson. And Heath, i have to say, deserves at least a post humous Oscar nomination at least. The intensity of his acting is bloody scary.

Christopher Nolan is brilliant. Instead of the usual good guy kicks the bad guy's ass to kingdom come, Nolan makes us ponder on the human nature on the very basic form. Instead of of being the ususal super hero in thights, our Batman is fighting his inner conscience whether he is what Gotham city needs. This problem is compunded when the Joker uses this weakness and started to make the people of Gotham turning against Batman. Tired of all this, Bruce decides to leave the hero job to new DA, Harvey Dent (who we all know is Two Face). Behind the scenes, the genius/lunatic Joker schemed and planned the master of all deception bringing down (figuritavely speaking) Batman, Commisioner Gordon and Dent. In the end, it is quite clear that the Joker won even though he was defeated.

To kill or be killed? I frankly do not know my answer when faced with the "Ferry Dilemma". If you are only to watch one movie this year, this is the one.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

MTV Asia Awards .... hmm...maybe not...

Maybe i might not be going to MTV Asia Awards...most probably won't be going...coz might be going back to Segamat for something else...

let's see how it goes.

Got back from my 2nd lesson. Have problems switching between Em, C and G. Damn , i need lots and lots of practice time. And my fingers are killing me...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Guitar :D

Location: Sg Long
Weather: Rainy
Mood: Lonely

OK. The cats out of the bag. I signed up for guitar lessons. Yes, me. The self proclaimed tone deaf going for guitar lessons. LMAO. Started first lesson last Saturday. It was quite fun. Started of with E note plucking...nothing spectacular, teacher trying to get my right hand warmed up? Been practicing these few days...even tried to do C note and my left hand fingers hurts like mad :D

My Guitar...don't be fooled..its not a Morrison...i not that rich...its a Fanndec..only the bag is Morrison :D
I know this song is old, but sort of loving it...dunno y :D



Sunday, July 20, 2008

MTV Asia Awards

Location: Sg Long
Weather: Humid
Mood: Dunno how to describe

Forgot to mention that I will be going to MTV Asia Awards at Genting on the 2/8/2008. May won 2 tix at the roadshow at the the MTV Roadshow at Cineleisure yesterday. The scenes were incredible. Bunch of teenagers screaming "me me me!!!!" trying to get the VJ's attention during contest time. Have give it up to May's luck. We weren't even standing upfront. VJ picked one from the the rows at the back, and she got picked. I might have outgrown this MTV stuff but i don't mind go see Karen Mok hosting the show :D

Some dudes were using desperate measures......dude, why not throw the bottle upstage...LMAO

VJ was quite hot...but she's not Denise :p

Ancient Chinese Gayness

Went to watch Red Cliff yesterday. In a way, it is a good movie as the John Woo did manage to portray the historical characters quite accurately. 刘备 as the charasmatic and caring leader (Pak Lah shoud read more 三国演义), 诸葛亮 as the calculating and cunning military tactician (reminds me of Rafa though). Battle scenes were true to historical accounts. However, i think 关羽 is too fit, he supposed to be damn huge one....LMAO....

On another note, the gayness between 周瑜 and 诸葛亮 is absolutely gayness. "他的琴声告诉我,此战他非他不可。“ after a "jamming" session? What? Speaking without words? and what's with the glances and smirking between them.....John Woo must had been hanging out with Ang Lee too much. Gayness i tell you.....Gayest of all Gayness...."你在想着些什么?“ Damn. This kind of conversation between a theatre commander and a military strategist....

By the way, Terrenganu State Government just took delivery of 14 Mercedes-Benz E200 Kompressor for State Exco Members and the like. Wonder what the Terengganu ppl thinks......

Location: Starbucks, Leisure Mall
Weather: Sunny
Mood: Clueless

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar vs Shabery

Watched the debate over the fuel price hike between PKR and PR defacto leader Dato Seri Anwar and Dato Shabery (Menteri Penerangan). Confirms the fact that BN had learnt nothing from the last election results. Still trying to run a country by misinformation.

For those who expected a Santos vs Vinick debate, you will be disappointed. Anwar vs Shabery is like Liverpool FC vs Selangor. I already knew what was coming when Shabery commented that we should follow the example of Norway, Sweden where there isn't any fuel subsidy. Anwar's reply," Pendapatan Per-kapita Norway, 10 kali ganda pendapatan per-kapita di Malaysia." Home run, baby. Home run.

Anwar tried to play fair and tried to make this a good debate but the other joker started diversionary tactics and personal attacks (kept on trying to implicate Anwar's role in the 1974 demonstrations). The Shabery's lacky even tried to convince people that IPPs and Oil Price issue is not related. Come on, UMNO....u think the rakyat is damn stupid or you all are too stupid to realize that we are not stupid. Looking at Francis Yeoh enjoying life off the Rakyat's money really make me want to puke.

Quote of the Day: "Kerajaan kata harga minyak naik, inflasi turun. Saya mau tahu, pakar ekonomi yang mana satu ajar!!!"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pak Lah is getting Senile....

Came home and saw the night edition of Sin Chew screaming..."Pak Lah: Opposition Causing Massive Jam". Looks like our frens in BN haven't learn any damn thing at all from the last. They still think that the rakyat are 3 year old kids that will believe everything that come out of our PM's mouth. Firstly what do these road blocks achieve? Preventing illegal assemblies? Fuck off....Pak Lah is just trying to inconvenience the public in order to make us blame PR for this jam. To think that Pak Lah is all for the rakyat. His actions lately really make me want to puke. He is a bigger hypocrite compared to Dr M. Keep it up old man...more and more of your rakyat will despise you.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Transfer Saga

Out: Riise, Crouchie
In: Degen, Dossena, Cavalieri (?)

The summer transfer so far doesn't bide good reading for us Scousers.

After 3 years with us Crouchie had decided to return to Fratton Park. Although it is sad to see him go, I think he is at the stage of his career whereby he need to get more first team football, not the least for his England ambitions. I think it is a win-win situation for all as Rafa cannot guarantee first team football for the big guy. We let him go and we get 11 million quids more to play with. Now the big question do we play with the extra 11 milllion quids?

Rafa said David Villa is an option. Valencia's 32 million pounds valuation is just absurd. But like i said earlier if Rafa and Nando do some Mojo on him and Pepe go a little loco on him...u nvr know. Nando and Villa week in week out. Dream for kopites, nightmare for premie defenders :D

Rafa admitted that there is contact with Robbie Keane. I don't really fancy that. There's always a possibility that partnership will not work. Looking at the style of play of Nando and Keane, don;t think that they will compliment each other. Both of them like to make early runs. think that they are to similar.

Rafa did ask us to trust him in the transfer market. Who are we to disagree? Look at Skrtel, Babel, Benayoun, Luis Garcia, Nando. For the reserves Pacheco, Nemeth, San Jose. Admittedly there are a few duds like Mark Gonzalez, Pellegrino....We will just have to wait and see... Rafa promised 1 or 2 new strikers for the new season. Hopefully it won't turn out like Andriy "where's the ball?" Voronin.

I will say it again...screw Barry and move on...we have bigger fishes to fry....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pepe "El Loco" Reina, Very Loco O'neill and Brilliant Dani Pacheco

After the Euphoria of Espana's victory and pretty crazy celebration by the Spanish lads, especially Pepe 'El Loco" Reina (go read May's blog if you wanna know what i meant).Here's one pf Pepe going nuts in the Avion (Airplane)

Time to calm down and ponder on what is in store for the red half of Merseyside this coming seaSONH.

Firstly, O'Neill is trying to outdo Pepe on the count of Loco-ness. He says that he has accepted the fact that Barry is leaving but he is not leaving without the right price. The right price is supposedly 20 million quids. He must be nuts. That price for someone who is his late twenties. To put it into perspective, that's around the price Rafa paid for Nando. Can someone show him the middle finger? I say that we turn our back on the deal and leave O'Neill with a very pissed captain who won't be playing for Aston Villa next seaSONH and he might just leave for free when the time comes. Better news that I had heard is that Rafa will be spending the Crouchy dough on David (its pronounced as Da-Bid) Silva. Think this is a rumour but still.....

Red from T.I.A. about one Dani Pacheco. This lad caught my eyes when I watch the highlights of the Reserves final a few months back. Hack, the whole reserve team was damn brilliant. But according to experts out there, this Pacheco is special. We kopped him from Barca and they were powerless due to some f- up labour law in Espana. This is why he is special (ignore the corny background music though)