Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar vs Shabery

Watched the debate over the fuel price hike between PKR and PR defacto leader Dato Seri Anwar and Dato Shabery (Menteri Penerangan). Confirms the fact that BN had learnt nothing from the last election results. Still trying to run a country by misinformation.

For those who expected a Santos vs Vinick debate, you will be disappointed. Anwar vs Shabery is like Liverpool FC vs Selangor. I already knew what was coming when Shabery commented that we should follow the example of Norway, Sweden where there isn't any fuel subsidy. Anwar's reply," Pendapatan Per-kapita Norway, 10 kali ganda pendapatan per-kapita di Malaysia." Home run, baby. Home run.

Anwar tried to play fair and tried to make this a good debate but the other joker started diversionary tactics and personal attacks (kept on trying to implicate Anwar's role in the 1974 demonstrations). The Shabery's lacky even tried to convince people that IPPs and Oil Price issue is not related. Come on, UMNO....u think the rakyat is damn stupid or you all are too stupid to realize that we are not stupid. Looking at Francis Yeoh enjoying life off the Rakyat's money really make me want to puke.

Quote of the Day: "Kerajaan kata harga minyak naik, inflasi turun. Saya mau tahu, pakar ekonomi yang mana satu ajar!!!"

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