Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cameras and Batman

Location: Sg Long
Weather: Humid
Mood: Not Bad :D

Quote of the Day:
Eventhough you are in the driver's seat, that doesn't mean you have to run others down - Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Went to MVM Gardens today to watch The Dark Knight with Ru (review previous post). Got that like around 12.50pm and it was damn bloody jammed. Guess everyone got their salaries already. The security made me went round and round and round. I wasmade to park at Premiere parking (don't ask how much it cost). It was already 1.45pm when i got out my car. Went down to GSC Signature (didn't even bother to check out GSC MVM) and got tickets for 3rd row from the front. Wasn't really an issue with Premiere class. Seats were quite comfy. After the getting the tickets went to Adidas shop and saw the away jersey. It looks more hideous in real life. Pathetic Adidas designers. May asked me to buy this book called The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Ran through the forst 2 chapters at Long John Silvers while luching. Its not bad...quite inspiring.

There was this camera fair thingy at Center Courtby photo shangrila. Pentax K20D and 200D was on displayed. Fired of a few frames on the K20D. It was brilliant. Virtually noiseless at ISO 1600. I am going to blow my bonus on that. The sales girl was trying to sell the K200D to a Malay uncle. She wasn't really convincing so i helped her out a bit (seeing that she is quite cute..LMAO). Didn't closed the deal there but i think the Malay uncle will be coming back. I asked her about the price of K20D body only and she referred me to Shriro direct. LOL....the non promotional prices from Shangri La (promotion only for body + kit lens) must be killer. Quite a good deal for K200D dual kit lens though they are having but today last day :D

After movie we went to the Nyonya something at Gardens. Thinking of having my dinner while waiting for Ru's dad to pick her up and guess what, they were out of food...brilliant. Ended up lepaking in MPH again until her dad came.

Got home and updating this blog. Will try to out in some practise time later but my fingers are killing me......

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