Monday, July 14, 2008

Pak Lah is getting Senile....

Came home and saw the night edition of Sin Chew screaming..."Pak Lah: Opposition Causing Massive Jam". Looks like our frens in BN haven't learn any damn thing at all from the last. They still think that the rakyat are 3 year old kids that will believe everything that come out of our PM's mouth. Firstly what do these road blocks achieve? Preventing illegal assemblies? Fuck off....Pak Lah is just trying to inconvenience the public in order to make us blame PR for this jam. To think that Pak Lah is all for the rakyat. His actions lately really make me want to puke. He is a bigger hypocrite compared to Dr M. Keep it up old man...more and more of your rakyat will despise you.

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