Sunday, July 20, 2008

MTV Asia Awards

Location: Sg Long
Weather: Humid
Mood: Dunno how to describe

Forgot to mention that I will be going to MTV Asia Awards at Genting on the 2/8/2008. May won 2 tix at the roadshow at the the MTV Roadshow at Cineleisure yesterday. The scenes were incredible. Bunch of teenagers screaming "me me me!!!!" trying to get the VJ's attention during contest time. Have give it up to May's luck. We weren't even standing upfront. VJ picked one from the the rows at the back, and she got picked. I might have outgrown this MTV stuff but i don't mind go see Karen Mok hosting the show :D

Some dudes were using desperate measures......dude, why not throw the bottle upstage...LMAO

VJ was quite hot...but she's not Denise :p

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