Friday, July 11, 2008

Transfer Saga

Out: Riise, Crouchie
In: Degen, Dossena, Cavalieri (?)

The summer transfer so far doesn't bide good reading for us Scousers.

After 3 years with us Crouchie had decided to return to Fratton Park. Although it is sad to see him go, I think he is at the stage of his career whereby he need to get more first team football, not the least for his England ambitions. I think it is a win-win situation for all as Rafa cannot guarantee first team football for the big guy. We let him go and we get 11 million quids more to play with. Now the big question do we play with the extra 11 milllion quids?

Rafa said David Villa is an option. Valencia's 32 million pounds valuation is just absurd. But like i said earlier if Rafa and Nando do some Mojo on him and Pepe go a little loco on him...u nvr know. Nando and Villa week in week out. Dream for kopites, nightmare for premie defenders :D

Rafa admitted that there is contact with Robbie Keane. I don't really fancy that. There's always a possibility that partnership will not work. Looking at the style of play of Nando and Keane, don;t think that they will compliment each other. Both of them like to make early runs. think that they are to similar.

Rafa did ask us to trust him in the transfer market. Who are we to disagree? Look at Skrtel, Babel, Benayoun, Luis Garcia, Nando. For the reserves Pacheco, Nemeth, San Jose. Admittedly there are a few duds like Mark Gonzalez, Pellegrino....We will just have to wait and see... Rafa promised 1 or 2 new strikers for the new season. Hopefully it won't turn out like Andriy "where's the ball?" Voronin.

I will say it again...screw Barry and move on...we have bigger fishes to fry....

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