Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Malaysia vs Chelshit

Ever went through an experience that makes you appreciate something that you have? I wrote sometime last month that after attending a Methodist Wedding, I was very grateful that i am a Catholic. Well, I had the same experience today.

Melvin got hold of 2 VIP tickets to watch the Chelshit match at Stadium Shah Alam today. He can't go hence he asked me whether I want them. Well, what the hack..since its free. Maybe i can check out what Fat Phil is all about. Or even check out how Deco fits into the team. After all, Chelshit will definitely be a major adversary of Liverpool this coming season. Go do some scouting for fellow scousers. And I invited Ru along.

You know how we Scousers gave 'em Blue Noses a lot of grief over their plastic flags during the CL semi finals last season. We weren't expecting much "passion" from the Chelshit fans but guess was 8.15pm and we stuck at this jam aroound 1 km from the Stadium. I took a look around and there were many many cars loaded with Chelshit shirts. Come on, this is your team in town. If it was a Liverpool match, we scousers would have painted the whole stadium red right from afternoon and not get stuck in the jam in the last minute. Hack, we might even paint the green Giant Hypermarket (adjacent to the stadium) into red!!!

That doesn't even take the cake....we got ourselves into the stadium just in time for kick off.....I wasn't surprise when the stadium was only 3 quarter full...and the VIP section...Malaysian shirts were outnumbering chelshit shirts....not surprising since a lot of blue noses only become "fans" after a certain russkie billionaire took over. Banners, you asked? or rather plastic flags? Don't say about plastic flags, there were only 2 miserable banners visible throughout the whole stadium. One reads "CFC GO TO KL". Dude! Get ur grammer and vocab correct ok?It's "CFC COMES TO KL". You are in KL, u Bluenose Ah Beng. Damn it, man. If Liverpool were to visit Stadium Shah Alam, I would be the first one (together with my-Rawk members) transforming the stadium into an Asian Anfield. I am not sure whether Chelshit have any club songs, but throughout the duration of the match...there were only "ooh's" and "ah's". Not even one single music note.....tsk,tsk...kesian. The only "passion" from 'em bluenoses are 3 mexican waves.

Well, you can't actually blame the chelshit fans for being passionless. I mean you look at their players. How many can truely say that they love the club. They are all damn bloody mercenaries. To be fair you might say that John Terry is all for Chelsea but look at the others. Sometimes, more often than not, attitude of players rub on to the fans. Which is exactly why Chelshit had 1,000 or something unsold CL Final tickets. That to me, is a disgrace.

Glad that I am red, through and true. Results from this scouting mission on next post. And i have to say it looks good for Liverpool if my observations are correct. Btw, Cleshit won 2-0, which is not too bad for Malaysia. Well, that's for another story.

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