Sunday, August 03, 2008

Study in Taiwan

Well, the reason May and I can't go to MTV Asia Awards is due to the fact that my dad organize a talk to go study in Taiwan. This programme is for those students who can't really do well in school and they can go for these vocational training in Taiwan. They just need to finish Form 5 and know chinese, irregardless of results. Best thing is that its free. For 2 years vocational training, study for free in Taiwan. Only need to pay for lodging and misc. fees. Tuition is bloody F.O.C.

The talk was quite a success....the hall was packed to the brim and it seems that many people wsere actually quite interested. There were tons of questions from the attendees.


Leo and Lioness preparing the brochures to be handed out

The enthusiastic crowd asking questions even after the Q&A session

Btw, i am still stuck in Segamat as my car broke down...can't go into gear suddenly.....

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