Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pepe "El Loco" Reina, Very Loco O'neill and Brilliant Dani Pacheco

After the Euphoria of Espana's victory and pretty crazy celebration by the Spanish lads, especially Pepe 'El Loco" Reina (go read May's blog if you wanna know what i meant).Here's one pf Pepe going nuts in the Avion (Airplane)

Time to calm down and ponder on what is in store for the red half of Merseyside this coming seaSONH.

Firstly, O'Neill is trying to outdo Pepe on the count of Loco-ness. He says that he has accepted the fact that Barry is leaving but he is not leaving without the right price. The right price is supposedly 20 million quids. He must be nuts. That price for someone who is his late twenties. To put it into perspective, that's around the price Rafa paid for Nando. Can someone show him the middle finger? I say that we turn our back on the deal and leave O'Neill with a very pissed captain who won't be playing for Aston Villa next seaSONH and he might just leave for free when the time comes. Better news that I had heard is that Rafa will be spending the Crouchy dough on David (its pronounced as Da-Bid) Silva. Think this is a rumour but still.....

Red from T.I.A. about one Dani Pacheco. This lad caught my eyes when I watch the highlights of the Reserves final a few months back. Hack, the whole reserve team was damn brilliant. But according to experts out there, this Pacheco is special. We kopped him from Barca and they were powerless due to some f- up labour law in Espana. This is why he is special (ignore the corny background music though)

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