Monday, June 23, 2008

Viva Espana!!!!

Yesterday's semi final gives more wight to my hypothesis: Italians are damn good actors and they most probably are gay. Come on, you've got to be shittin'....Silva fouled by Toni. Like Ru said its like dwarf winning a wrestling match against a giant.

Anyways, Espana got their just result from the penalty shoot out. Only the combination of bad luck, poor finishing, good defending (you've got to give that to the gay boys) and some very very bizarre (to say the least) substitution by Aragones that prevented Spain from romping home 3-0 winners. Spain did all the running and passing. Silva in particular ran rings around the Italian defense. The Italian were at their usual best of defending en masse deep in their half and trying to curi ayam via Toni via crosses from Grosso.

And again, Nando was subbed off. This time replaced by the stupid idiotic Guiza(Guitar, Geesa, Geezer, watever your name is). He can't run, he can't shoot, he can't hold up play. He is wasting the food supply of the Spanish camp. Really amazes me why the old hag subbed Nando with a Guitar. Nando with had made a fool out of the old hag named Panucci at the closing stages. Maybe spare me more sleep time.

I don't know why am I bitching eventhough Spain did went through to the semis. Maybe it is because I am damn freakin' worried about what Guus will do to us if Aragones continues his senile streak.

Oh yeah, I am quite sure I saw Pepe speaking to Casillas before the penalty shoot out :D

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