Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Lately, movie-goers had been served with big budget movies with super duper special effects (think Ironman, Narnia...). "Once" is really a refreshing change from the mainstay Hollywood blockbuster.

With a budget of just 130,000 Euros, this Irish movie is about a dude (played by Glen Hansard) who busk for fun on the Irish Streets. His performance draws interest from a Czech immigrant (Marketa Irglova). The budding friendship started over a spoilt vacum cleaner (the dude's dad owns a vacum cleaner repair shop). The movie really portrays the loneliness of 2 individuals, one a struggling immigrant, one a misunderstood musician and how does their love of music bring them close together. It also dwells on their own personal demons from their past relationship which proves to be stumbling block for this budding romance to go on further.

The music from the movie is so so nice. Helps that both lead are established singers rather than actors. I am so going to buy this soundtrack. Will be quite difficult to find though. Music aside, the chemistry between the guy and the girl (yes, no joke, the leads are credited as Guy and Girl) makes this movie the more so brilliant. Not surprising as Hansard and Marketa really dated after the production of this movie.

All movie lovers out there, i highly recommend this movie to you. It is such a refreshing fresh air after watching too much those main Hollywood staple. Like going on a vegetarian diet after one week of feasting.

Caution: You need to be a Scouser to really catch the conversations. Caused only scouse accent is more difficult than Irish accent.

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