Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Hands of Oppression

In my previous post I reported that I saw FRU personals station at the Mahkota Cheras junction, paving a path for contractors of Grand Saga to rebuild the barricade. I did mention about the possibility of usage of water cannon and shield charge to disperse the crowd. Little did I know that approximately 2 hours after I drove past the site, or around the time I was writing my previous entry, the unthinkable really happened. FRU personally fired water cannon and tear gas canisters at my fellow neighbours citing that the gathering had "turned ugly".

I ran a search through YouTube and found the following clips uploaded by a fellow Mahkota Cheras resident:

First, the warning:

Then, all hell break loose. First salvo, water cannon:

Next TEAR GAS!!!!

Police were saying that the crowd was turning unruly and they had to use force to disperse the crowd. The video clip shows otherwise. Firstly, the crowd was not hurling stones, bricks or molotov cocktails at the FRU or contractors. Secondly, the crowd were already starting to disperse after the commander of the FRU sounded the warning. Yes, from what I can see from the video clips, the FRU used force unprovoked!They fired at people who are starting to turn back and on their way home!!!

Someone please tell me what have this country come to. It is not as if we are threatening national security or anything that deserve these kind of treatment. This situation does not warrant the highhanded action and drastic measures. Nobody's safety was compromised. No property was damaged (except for the barricade built by grand Saga). People were not smashing car windows. Is it necessary for the FRU to fire tear gas and water cannon at a people fighting for their right of a more convenient traffic system? Tear gas and water cannon should be reserved for rioters and I emphasize that there is no riot as proven by the video clips. According to eye witness the FRU were more interested in protecting the safety of Grand Saga contractors. Reminds me the PDRM motto "Kami Sedia Berkhidmat". Berkhidmat untuk siapa? I would love to ask. For Christ's sake there were children amongst the crowd.

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