Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Interesting Day At Work

Yesterday I was not feeling well so on MC. Today got back to work and there were 59 e-mails waiting for me. Took me about 20 minutes to read everything. Read only, not respond. Half way through Emily came over and asked me to go to Mint Hotel for a claim meeting with adjusters and client. For the uninitiated, Mint Hotel is the huge green colour abandoned hotel next to the KL -Seremban highway. Apparently some wankers broke into the hotel and stripped of a mother load of copper wires.

Got there and together with the client and adjusters escorted by a security guard, climbed up to the 6th level. Climbing up is one thing but the whole hotel, abandoned for 3 years, is so bloody stuffy and dusty. And to think that I am not 100% OK yet. The whole 6th floor was a bloody mess. The thieves had destroyed all the ceiling to get their hands on the copper wires. It was like a scene from Alien with debris and pipes and whatever hanging from the ceiling.

We continued walking around and I tell you abandoned hotels are damn freakin' eerie. It really is like a scene from Resident Evil. The eerieness was enhanced by the fact that the Receivers and Managers kicked out the management like overnight. Files and books were like place properly. There are even a few pairs of lady's slippers under the desks. There is even a half drank coffee cup filled with molds. All covered in a thick layer of dusk. I half expected a zombie to jumped out from a corner. Only thing is that I did not have shotgun with me.

The dustiness more than anything, i think, have made me feel much sicker than yesterday. I think i will crash to bed early today.

Mahkota Cheras update: Just now passed by the junction and all seemed to be quite and well. Just a Grand Saga van looking over from the flyover. But i emphasize, this is definitely not the last we have heard from Grand Saga.

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