Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mahkota Cheras vs Grand Saga....Triumph of Injustice

I had been telling my friends that the Grand 傻瓜 won't give up so easily. Their revenue would had been hit real hard for the pass month due to the opening of the access road. With the Police and definitely certain well placed personals behind them, it wouldn't be that hard for Grand 傻瓜 to forcefully rebuild the barricade. On my way back from work, I passed by the scene around 8.45pm and true enough, the might of injustice was in full action. FRUs were lining up at both side of the access road armed with shields, with excavators hard at work in between the 2 row of red helmets. It isn't that hard to imagine how it happen. FRU would just need to force the human walls off the intended barricade site by moving in with shields or there is the infamous chemical laced water cannon. We don't stand a chance against the muscles of anarchy.

It seems that the Highway men stayed true to their words as they vowed to put the barricades up since they are "concerned" of our safety. Quoting today's The Star:

"Grand Saga business development and corporate affairs executive director Zainal Abidin Ali, who was at the site, said while he sympathised with the residents for being forced to use a longer route, a new barrier would be erected as the concessionaire was concerned about safety issues."

Give me a break. The only "safety" that he is concern is probably his bonus and the "safety" of those "hands" under the table. For the past months when the access road was open it did not even post a minor glitch to the traffic flow. As a matter of fact, it might have made the roads around Sg Long and Mahkota Cheras safer as there is less congestion. The newspaper report did say that the State Government is still waiting for a report from the State Survey and Mapping Department. I was like, Hang on a moment. Isn't the State Government supposed to be on the people's side now? It should be time to pay back the trust the people had given to Pakatan Rakyat. Time to show that your election campaign is not just a bunch of bullshit or your credibility will suffer the same fate as those of BN.

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