Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Power to the People!!!!

Just now on my way back it started to be bloody jam after the Cheras 9th Mile exit. At first i thought it was a bloody accident. Then, my instincts just told me something big was happening. I just had the feeling that certain quarters is trying to reblock the Mahkota Cheras (MC) exit. My fears were confirmed when I saw 2 FRU trucks parked near the exit. To cut the story short, Grand Saga highway blocked the exit since yonksago so they could collect more toll by forcing people to use the Sg Long Exit which is maybe half a click away. but you have to pay an extra 90 cents. Money is one thing but MC residents had to make a big friggin round through the Sg Long exit which congested the only access road of MC and Sg Long. My ex-colleague, Bee Heong, who is a MC resident said that it took 15 minutes to take the long way (no pun intended) compared to 3 minutes using the MC access road that was blocked. The exit had being blocked for quite sometime until recently some brave residents decided that enough is enough and drove a bulldozer and flatten the blockade about a month ago. The Pakatan Rakyat people had been setting up camp at the exit recently to avoid the highway buggers from re-erecting the blockade until the people's patrol was called off recently thinking that the coast was clear. Obviously, Grand 傻瓜 highway decided to rebuild the blockade and the residents were trying to prevent that.

Wanting to have a better feel of what was happening, I decided to join in the crowd. When I reached the exit by taking the long way through the Sg Long access road, the people were cheering and cars were honking in celebration. It seemed the the Grand 傻瓜 people had given up and decide to move along. I just arrived in time to see the coppers packing up and leaving. It was the greatest scene of people power I have ever witnessed. All races united in one voice, cheering and jeering at the cement mixer trucks and lorries. I got hold of a police sergeant stationed there and he told me that they were there not to stop the protest. They were only there to ensure that nothing untoward happened. Apparently there were some minor fracas between the residents and the 傻瓜 officials.Shame that I did not have my camera with me, so I had to make do with my camera with a lousy VGA camera.

You can feel the frustration of the people from this banner that was erected. The message reads "300 billion dollars for the highway company". There is a pun in the message. Highway in Chinese is 大道 which has the same pronunciation as 大盗 which means robber or bandit. Next to the words are 3 notes from the Bank of Hell (the kind chinese burn for the deceased).

Side Story: When i got home, I jokingly asked my cousin why she didn't join the human wall. She replied in all seriousness that they 慈济 people are not supposed to join "political demonstrations". Talk about political demos, dunno who joined and cheered for Taiwan Independence during their national day celebration. And guess who tried to sabotage the Beijing Olympics. Bloody hypocrites. Well, get on and continue to recite mantras and hope the world change for a better place. A certain someone once said, God only help those who help themselves.


Rosdan Teh said...

I thought of a solution.
Might be permanent. might be temporary.
I think Grand Saga is legally bound to let the smaller access road (that runs parallel to the highway) to remain open

Teoh K L said...

看来这大盗还会再来.教它把接到CHERAS-KAJANG HIGH 的通路全关吧.