Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ironman, best Superhero movie adaptation

When I watched the trailer of Ironman a few months ago, it got me worried. Moviegoers had been spoiled by super duper special effects and paper thin plots of superhero movies recently. Think The Hulk and The Fantastic Four (except for the Silver Surfer). Rest assured my fears were unfounded. Being the first production of Marvel Studios, the producers made sure that this movie does one of Marvel fanboys' favorite characters justice. The gist and spirit of the comic was recreated faithfully throughout the movie. From Starks personal morality struggle to hints of his problem with alcoholism to the attempted coup at Starks Industries.

Of course, the special effects were stunning. The suit was had the wow factor in it to appeal to all audiences. The director made a masterstroke by casting Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Even though i was skeptical when saw the trailer, I am glad to report that RDJ carried the character well, especially half we through the movie when he started to become the Tony Stark that we knew in the comics. Casting of other characters also proved to be spot on. Gwyneth really made Pepper Potts as if the character was made for her. Then there is the loyal chauffeur "Happy" Hogan and Colonel James Rhodes.

A complain from the general audience is that there is not enough action in it. They are of course expecting over the top action sequences like they get in Spidey. But in place of the action sequences, we have a plot of more weight that asking questions that are very relevant to the World today. Changing the opening scenes to Afghanistan (in the comics, Start was kidnapped in Vietnam) proves the point the writers are trying to make.

Marvel fanboys will have their appetite welted for things to come. A sequel is definitely in the works. War Machine (Rhodes saying "Maybe, next time" when he saw a work-in-progress armor), S.H.I.E.L.D. (Yeah, baby, yeah!!!), Ten Rings (Mandarin, any one?). And Tony Starks announcing he is indeed Ironman (horrors!!!) suggesting that Civil War is in the horizon. Oh, I bloody hope so.

P.S. - The Chinese Language translator have to be shot in the head 2 times. Ironman is translated into 坚强的男人. Oh, please.......

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