Monday, June 12, 2006

Let's Cook

Something weird had happened to me. These 2 days I just happened to have this strange urge to jump into the kitchen to conjure up a dish or two...last Saturday i was to fend for my own dinner, my uncle and aunt and cousin had a function to attend. Instead of the usual ta pau, i went to the mini market and grab a packet od sausages and fu chow fish ball and cooked myself a bowl of Instand noodles ala enhaw :p throwing in a fried egg, some cucumber and chili slices i found in the fridge.

Today, my uncle and aunt is in Penang for some Crawford function. Dinner on my own again. Instead of the instant noodle, i decided to try my hands on some real cooking. My last pasta dish was like 2 years ago and i suddenly feel like pasta. Hence, i dropped by Giant, grab a can of Pesto sauce, a packet of spiral pasta, a packet of baby tomatoes, 150 grams of bacon and a can of grated cheese. Got home and took me an hour to conjure up Pesto ala enhaw :D Just in time for Australia vs Japan.

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