Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show '06: The Future is Cometh

Went to Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show with Allen Ang yesterday. As i told my friends, all motor shows contains the 2 deadly weaknesses of all men....Cars and Babes. I really went trigger happy with my Powershot and sanppes 400++ pictures....Today I'll show you the main attractions...concept cars (not babes, this is a motor show anyways :p)

MItsubishi I-Bunny: The SmartForTwo Wannabe
This cute little actually has space for 4 thanks to the adsence of a front munting engine. Powered by a 675 cc MIVEC turbo charged engine, this might just be the feasible green car for the near future while Fuel Cell technology, Solar Powered cars and other more ambitious green technology are stil under development.

Toyota: Moving Forward

This odd looking car is the Motor Triathlon Race Car. It is powered with fuel cell technology. In my opinion, nothing much more than a test bed for fuel cell technology. Not exactly practicle with its open concept. Future F1 racer maybe?

My favourite concept car, The Sportivo Coupe. Uses Solar power as its Hydrid technology. Its biometric system can recognize the driver and starts up automatically. Design for the tech savvy in mind, you can hook up whatever gadgets you have to the car. PSP while driving?? That's a bit too much :p

Compact Sports and Speciality. Hybrid technolgy car. Power plant similar to the Prius. Removable panel to make into a 4 seater from a 2 seater.

Ford: 4Trac

The All Terrainer of the Future. 172 LEDs as headlights. Not much info about other specs.

Volvo: The Safest Car in the Universe

This Swede mark is known for its innovation in car safety technolgy. Volvo had again outdo itself with the 3CC. In high school we learn that the faster a moving object decelerates, the higher the impact. Hence, what volvo has done is create car seats on a floating configuration. The seats will move forward upon impact hence reducing the force of the collision on the passengers. Simple yet brilliant.

What that is not so simple is that this car with a top speed of 135 km/h and 0-100 in 10 seconds is powered by lithium-ion zero emission cells. Yes, these are the kind of batteries u find in your handphones and laptops. Though your TNB bill will be damn since it needs recharging just like your handphone :D

(to be continued....)


Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

I loved the Ford 4Trac, Toyota Sportivo and the Honda Sports 4. Though it's the best motorshow KL has hosted so far, I found the hype surrounding it to be grossly exaggerated. It was more of a babe show than a car show, though "babes" is a comparative word..

enhaw82 said...

This is the best u can find around this region. You can't find much cincept cars in other motor show around the SEA region. Though one obvious absentee is BMW which i was quite disappointed. As for the Motor Show Girls, they are always a wellcomed compliment to any kind of events :p