Saturday, June 10, 2006

KLIMS '06: The Future is Cometh Part II

I know, i know...i had been lazy updating my blog but i really was busy last week. Only have time and the energy to continue with tyhe KLIMS photos. Let's get on with concepr cars...

Honda: The Power of Dreams

The Honda Sports 4. If you think this car looks like an Accord, then you are right. The Sports 4 is a sports sedan based on the Accord platform. Its main technology breakthrough iss the Super Handling-All Wheel Drive System which controls the traction and on 4 wheels independently. It also has an intelligent night vision system.

The FCX. My fave concept car after the Sportivo. This beauty is powered by a fuel cell engine which emission free. This fuel cell system can deliver more power with a smaller drive train hence maximizing cabin space for driver and passenger comfort. It's unique low floor fuel cell platform also means that it has a lower profile for better handlong and better aerodynamics.It also utilizes a biometric control system which the car will start by itself after adjusting for the optimum driving configuration for the driver. Sweet.....

NIssan: Shift_the_Future

Nissan Sports Concept. There is nothing futuristic about this concept. This, I feel, is lame attempt at kiasu-ness on NIssan's part. Honda and Toyota has kick ass concept models hence NIssan came up with a so called concept "with a sports tuner feel and affordable price for first time buyers". So lame.

Proton: Malaysia Boleh!!! - kah?

The lamest of the lame. It's so lame that i can even remeber the name. Dunno APC or APX...whatever. There isn't even any information on what it is trying to conceptualize. Maybe it's concept is 100% Buatan Malaysia when the time comes..... ^_^"'

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