Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shogun!!! Ikimasu!!!!

Went to Shogun with Simone jie jie, Sheryl jie jie and Ah Ning Cousin last Saturday. Have to say the food was not as good as expected. But to be fair the variety is there and have to wallop a all the expensive stuff to get the price worth.

Mix plate..yummy

Cheese baked Mussels

Dunno wat wat udon

Cheese baked oyster

Four Heavenly King

Sheryl and Simone

This small girl always like to act cute ^_^"

*note: Over-exposed, the consequences of using flash close up without filter. Hopefully my new Clr Polarizer will fix the problem

They spotted something cute at the next table : )

Lunch with 3 leng luis...lucky me

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