Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Malaysia Boleh! Yeah Right!

Malaysia was given the honour of co-hosting the 2007 Asia Cup Tournament. By virtue of being a host, we were given a chance to play in the tournament proper. Drawn with China, Uzbekistan and forgot another one is who...i know they don't really stand much chance. So, with low expectations, i switch on the TV, hoping that they would just give a good account of themselves i would be damn happy. But no, they have to make a complete fool of themselves, i was so worked up after they went 2 down....i decided i have had enuf.

Don't get me wrong. I am not expecting them to beat China. What i was hoping for is some sense of pride when wearing the yellow jersey. Show some commitment lar...don't they realize that Malaysia was one of the top teams where we slugged it out with the like of Saudi Arabia and beat South Korea on a regualr basis 20 years ago. That was the time when Malaysia still runs a semi-pro league. Mokhtar Dahari, Santok Singh and Soh Chin Aun and co should go into the dressing room and give each bugger a kick in thier nuts.

I will give you a rundown on each area of the filed for the malaysian team:

Attack - No Pace, No Movement, No Flair, Flat, Shoots like a gal. Watched too much European football and think they are Ronaldinho or Luis Garcia doing flicks and turns. But to be fair, they didn't performed particularly bad. It's their usual self.

Midfield - Thinks they are Stevie G. All shoots from 30 yards out. Dumb. Lack of ideas, no creativity, passing sucks. Thinks they have Micheal Owen as strikers, keep on sending balls behind the defence. I went to check the score a moment (it was 0-4) and one dude even tried a xabi alonso.

Defense - My oh my....where should i start? Firstly, the back four punya tactical awareness is zero. They call themselves professional. Yes, ur boss say keep it compact, but be aware of runners from midfield lar...abang...stay compact doesn't mean u follow wherever the ball is lar...the ball go near post and all go to near post leaving the far post area open wide like the prairie plains...the best part is when balls are played in from the flank...all stand and watch...MARK ur man lar!!!!! ADUI!!!!! duh....some more ur couch nvr teach what is staying goalside of the attacker is it???....na beh....use ur head use ur head use ur head.....

As a conclusion, really all hope is gone for Malaysian judging by the performance of our Malaysia Boleh team. Heigh days of Soh Chin Aun and co is long long gone and nvr to come back unless drastic shakeup is done.....starting with a major revamp of the FAM (that's for another story)

Bladi...i tell u if i was in bukit jalil i would have thrown my shoes at the malaysian bench if i was close enuff...and get Teng Teng to bail me from police station....

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