Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Please pray for the 21 South Korean Hostages in Afghanistan

After Pastor Bae Hyung-Kyu, the friggin' Taliban made true their threats by killing another hostage, Shim Sung-min, on Tuesday when their demands were ignored by the Afghan government.

In my opinion, medical volunteers are amongst the most noble people on Earth, especially those serving in war torn countries. Saving people who you have never met in a foreign land. All of this is done out of love. At the other spectrum, people who claim to be true followers of God could kidnap and slaughter these volunteers 1 by 1 just because thier demands are not met. Who knows that one of these volunteers might have saved one of thier relatives. Reading the newspapers and watching CNN had made me so worked up. The 23 might be denominational Christians but they are still Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

How i wished i could do something about it. All i can do is pray that that the Lord will strengthen them in this hour of darkness. Give them the strenght to face their enemies. May the wrath of God fall on the perpetrators in all Its fury. I urge all, regardless of religion, to pray for the safe return of the remaining 21 hostages.

How i wished i could had done more. How wish i am one of the members of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, itching to storm in with all its fury and rescue the hostages. All i can do know is pray......

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