Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bangkok - City of a Thousand Smiles Part II

Still photos of day 1...i know i had been lazy doing the updates...and also ppl are asking wat happened to the remaining KLIMS '06 photos...wat to do...since started working no time to do silly things online aledi...chatting on YM also lesser now ideas.....don;t even mention about computer games...i started to forget how to play computer games aledi :( are the remaining photos for Day 1....after checking into the hotel, i jumped into a Taxi and went to Wat Saket aka Golden Mount...i wanted to take a Khlong Taxi as advised by Lonely Planet but Mr Victor (local guide) advised against wat the hack..always listen to the guide

Khlong Taxi

Hari ini dalam sejarah

Climbing up to the golden mount

A view of a nearby monastery from the top

Flags in full flight....look at the sky...i'm gonna kena soon


View form the top

Another view from the top

Kena liao....rain rain heavy rain...

After rain continued exploring....this whole strtch consists of woodworking shops...see..Bankgkok also got mamak sell roti on motorbike :D

Wanted to continue my lonely following lonely planet guidebook but not enuf i jumpe on a tuk tuk to go to BTS Skytrain station

Took Skytrain to Victory Monument Station and walk back to Ibis Hotel...Ready for dinner cruise