Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bye Bye Aviva...Hello Mitsui Sumitomo

In cantonese we call this 踢馆(tek gun)...^_^"'

I had been working in JLT for almost year and every morning when i arrive at the office, I will be greeted by the familiar Aviva signboard. However, starting from next Monday (actually officially today)...Aviva will ceased to exist...Aviva had sold their SEA operations to Mitsui Ajinomoto....errr...Sumitomo actually :p Actually the deal was done sometime ago and they took something doing their intergration etc etc....

Monica had been going "sayonara Aviva" for the whole of yesterday...and to get in the mood...i had been greeting them Ohaiyo and konijiwa :D Best of all i had been teasing Jane nee-san that she will have to do group morning exercise on Monday morning and sing "Go, Nippon, Go:...ahahaha.

Must watch for everyone at Aviva ...ahahahahha

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