Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Of 2 Weddings and a World Cup Final

It was a hectic weekend....Saturday night was Weslin's wedding at Saujana Subang.....

8 JLTs, 2 Marsh and 1 Mitsui Sumitomo

Workgroup 2 leng luis

Next day morning, I like Kimi drove my CLK along the PLUS Highway and a fair bit of trunk road from Tangkak to Segamat to attend my classmates', Hong Woon Chao and Fong Wai Shee, wedding at Tai Ah Air Cond Restaurant. (Yes, they are my age, now wipe off that smirk on your face :p) Good opportunity to meet up with some long "lost" classmates there...

2 Wongs and an Ong

The SRJK (C) Li Chi gang...almost all anyway...

The Ong doing a number in honour the bride and groom

After 2 heavy wedding to come was the long awaited World Cup Final...the blasi eye-ta-lians against the frenchies. I really did not understand how the bladi pizzas boys got their asses into the final...they were damn lucky to get the freakin' penalty against the Aussies. For Christ's sake that bugger Grosso obviously did a dive ala WW 2 dive bomber. They were again lucky that the krauts did not play up to their standards during the semis after the no brainer quarter against ukraine. All the respect I have for Cannavaro was overshadowed by the play acting and shomanship of the other pizza boys.

The antics of the Pasta boys again played a big part in the final. Firstly, most of the bladi italians went down as if they got hit by a freight train after getting the slightest of touches. Then there was the Zidane incident. I am not saying that Zidane did not deserve the red card......but the Zen-like maestro would not had done such a thing if there was no serious provocation..i reallly hope that FIFA would look into the comments of the friggin' Materazzi that provoked Zizou...and come on...don't tell me that a tough as a nut defender who dishes out crunching tackles will hit the deck as he did after receiving a head butt...not that Zidane trained under a shao lin master to learn 铁头功