Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Malaysia Hari Ini...Duh!!!

Note: Yes, yes. I had been bloody lazy. Long time no update...partly because i fed up of waiting to upload photos, i will try to update photo free post from time to time. Photos will be only for special occasions.

Today i was having a discussion with heong jie and simone on my haircut. U see, yesterday i went for a haircut and my regular hairdresser, thedirector, Cate rests on Mondays. Hence, I opted for senior cut instead of director cut and the outcome was, well, disastrous. Kena flak from left and right ^_^'" Then Simone said i am a guy no need for wat director cut lar...go mamak barber can kau tim aledi..... then i said, nowadays mamak barber not the mamak cut hair liao lar, the mamak onli sit at counter collect money, foreign worker "ah chai" do the cutting....then suddenlly i had a train of thought

I remember a few years ago, foreign worker(especially indons) are a mainstay only in the construction, manufacturing sector and also the domestic help sector. Then slowly, the influx of foreign workers began to crowd into various other industries such as plantation, cleaners, security guards (gurkhas, regardless whether they r real gurkhas or not) etc etc. In the past one of 2 years, i noticed an alarming rate of the increase of foreign workers. U go to KLCC the cleaners r foreign workers. U go to mamak barber there are foreign barbers. This takes the cake....last thursday i went to a hawker centre in kajang with Monica and guess wat.....onli the boss sitting at the counter is bladi local. The other workers are all...i mean ALL foreign workers...the coffee maker aka food court is foreign worker...the wantan mee cook is foreign....the tom yam mee man is foreign....the porridge lady is foreign....hack...even the char koay tiou man is foreign....imagine, a burmese tossing wantan mee...WAT DA FARK!!!!! One can't help but think y is it so hard to get local help while there are like how many millions of jobless grads out there....well, of coz i don't expect a BBA (Hons) bugger to want to toss wantan mee in a food court lar....

With such a BLADI HUGE influx of foreign workers into the country, we all know wat will the consequences be to the country and the society. I am confident that all of us in my age group had done numerous of "Kesan-kesan Kemasukan Pendatang Asing ke Malaysia" essays during our SPM days :p The one that i most cannot tahan is the threat these foreign worker pose to us Malaysians. The ever growing population of foreign workers had made Malaysia a very unsafe place to be. I am not saying that all crimes are purpetruated (watever the spelling) by foreigners but it is undeniable that a huge chunk of crimes are committed by them. Coupled with the lack of manpower in our police force, this had made Malaysia, especially in big cities like KL, into some sort like a Cowboy Town. Ladies or even Men cannot feel safe when they are walking alone at night. Everyone tries to avoid going out after dark like in Pensylvannia. Ladies walking in the street always seems so edgy like they high on Starbucks coffee. Now hands up those who had been snatched/robbed/house broken into etc etc before.....Eventhough they kiasu, i sort of admire singaporeans becoz they really can feel safe....i have seen a girl walking in a not so well lit road in Singapore without much of a bother....she even seemed relax. And my cousin from Singapore says that they can go to their MRT station after 9pm alone and it's okay...that's wat she always does anyways...no need to worry about snatch thieves, rapists, vampire, werewolves etc etc...

U know foreign workers is such a mainstay in our society that i really think instead of making teh tarik in space (now that's for another story, bladi disgrace and insult to Malaysian's intelligence. The Russkies must be laughing their asses off), we should ask that lucky angkasa-naut to bring along an indon maid instead....now that is truly Malaysia....WAT DA FARK!!!!!!

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