Sunday, March 02, 2008

Malaysian Overseas Can't Vote..Nuts

Read on The Star today that Malaysians residing in London are allowed to vote for the coming mayor elections. And our beloved EC is forcing Malaysians residing overseas to fly all the way home just to vote. What kind of madness is this. They could have set up polling booths in embassies . What's freakin' so difficult about this. Maybe the EC is scared that the overseas swing votes will work against their paymasters.

Talking about swing votes, i don't think the candidates are doing enough to woe young voters. I have a feeling that youths between 21-35 years old will have a big say in this GE. We will see how it goes this coming weekend. On another note i have to say it again that i am terribly disappointed with the political ignorance of the Chinese youths. I ain't even to get started.

On the football front, Liverpool is taking on Bolton at the Reebok today. Self proclaimed Liverpool fan Kevin Nolan had came out to critisize rafa for being to soft. Hope Nando can shut his trap up on the pitch later.

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