Thursday, March 06, 2008

Of Outstation Client Visit and Powderful England

Today went to Ipoh for a client meeting. Nothing much but just a review of some outstanding claims. Client given us some opportunity to do some quotes too. As I had always say, the things that i learn in 3 months with this new job is more than what i learned in my previous 2 and half years with JLT. There might be a big arse survey on the plant for this coming renewal on the plant if all goes well...can't wait for that day to come.

We had heard a lot of jokes and ah beng and ah lian and their powderful england. But what do you do when your aspiring MP (and most probably he will be the MP for the next 4 years) England is Powderful too?? Well, nothing surprising when ur Minister of Mis-information is happy to have his first Erection in 4 years...LMAO

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