Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Of Burgers and Lessons

Yesterday after Bolton game (yippie!!! back to winning ways) a bit hungry...so dropped by Ramly Burger Stall and got myself a burger ayam special. Tried out my Tammy 70-300 tele-macro. Then remembered that i took photos of Carl's Junior burger last week too...so had an inspiration to do a burger version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rich Burger...Carl's Junior RM17.90 for a set

Poor Burger...RM3.90...got egg summore...but heart attack inducing

Today last minute got called to a meeting at client's place at 5pm..siao one.....

on the way back Selvyn dispense some valuable lessons...always know what the client wants...know their needs...don't just go there and present the proposal like giving lecture..

Well..just say that BIB is really a very good training
ground for young execs....

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