Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom...ptui!!!!

I just got back from watching Forbidden Kingdom, the highly anticipated movie featuring Jet Li and Jackie Chan. I was not expecting much out of this movie since it is Jackie Chan vehicle, but boy...u got to watch it to understand how to get disappointed even with low expectations.

Firstly, it is the stupid plot. Or the non of it. Boy gets bullied, boy got hurt, boy transported to an imaginary land, boy learns kung fu, boy falls in love, boy saves the imaginary world, boy get's back to real world, boy kicks bully's ass, boy sees imaginary gal fren in real world. Get real dude, how predictable and sugar coated can the plot be?

Then it is the way the director tries to appeal to every audience in the world. Cheap skate kung fu moves to appease the Western audience, chopped up "Journey to the West" for the Asian audience (Chinese authority should assassinate the script writer for defiling one of the classics of Chinese Literature) . Try Penang Rojak style of movie of Lord of the Rings, Journey to the West, David Carridan and hack, even Doraemon (no, serious..really) and you get this joke that is the Forbidden Kingdom. Bloody hell, 玉王大帝 that speaks English with a American slang...u must be shitting me. It is a bloody wonder we don't see Marco Polo learning to make Spaghetti at some point of the movie. This is one so so confused story that even Jackie's trade mark slapstick humour failed to save the day.

The only thing that make this movie slightly bearable are the 2 lady leads, 李冰冰 and 刘亦菲.
冰冰 did especially portraying the cruelness and angst of 白发魔女.

Conclusion of all this, a waste of talent of 2 of the best kung fu exponents of our generation. A sign of new low for Asian Cinema. Hang on, is this an Asian Movie trying to be Western or the other round. Tsk tsk tsk.....

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