Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rafa Will Have The Last Laughed

When 'pool was performing badly 2 or 3 months ago, Rafa was slated left, right and center for his rotation policy. Admittedly, all things have its pros and cons but yesterday's ECL q-final match against Arsenal, all the pros of Rafa's rotation policy shone through. Having indulged in the luxury of resting Stevie, Nando and a string of other first team players for the BPL match at Emigrants Stadium on Saturday, our lads looked just the bit much fresher compared to the young guns. Cesc, in particular, looked exhausted throughout the match.

Rotation aside, I feel that we performed quite well last night. Besides for the opening quarter of the first half and a short period of the second half, we pretty much had the upper hand over the emigrants. Again it took the brilliance of Nando to put us scousers ahead with a cute turn and super strike into the top corner. I have always said that there a certain things that u can't couch into a player and instinct is one of those. Nando didn't even looked up when he dispatched the ball into the goal. He just knew where the goal was by instinct. To be fair, Theo displayed the same kind of brilliance when he race 70 yards down the right flank to set up Adebayor for arsenal's 2nd goal.

However, Babel came to the rescue when he was adjudged to have been bundled over by Toure. I admit that we were a bit lucky to get that pen. It was those kind of foul where some ref would have given it, while some ref might not. But hell, i think its about time Liverpool have a slice of luck. Babel place the tie beyond doubt on the 92nd minute when Arsenal where "all hands on deck" trying to get their third goal.

After the pulsating match, we have CSKA London waiting for us in the quarter finals. The Blue Shite were always in the path when Liverpool got to the finals for the last 2 occasions (on the first occasion, as they say it, it is now History). This time I really pray that it won't be 3rd time lucky for the blue shites. Anyways, Rafa shouldn't sweat too much as Avram is not even in the league of Rafa when it comes to tactical knowledge. Hack, he haven't even got his license from UEFA yet. God knows how UEFA and FA allowed him to continue to coach Chelski.

BTW, just got back from watching Nim's Island. Nothing much to shout about. Just a run of the mill feel good movie for the whole family. Can't wait for Iron Man though....

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