Sunday, April 06, 2008

Of a New Laptop and the Arsenal Trilogy

Got myself a new laptop - Dell Inspiron 5200. Finally i am able to do my stuff faster. I had been using my cousin's deserted P4 desktop all these while and it had being driving me nuts, especially when processing my RAW photos. I have to quit all other programs or else the whole damn thing will crash. Now it seems that i can work at lightning speed. This afternoon I process 14 pics and upload it to Facebook within half an hour. Previously it usually will take me a whole night to do that on the P4.

Part 2 of the Arsenal trilogy was concluded with another 1 -1 draw. Today's performance was much better compared to the CL match. We really gave the Emigrants a run for their money, especially in the first half. I think the second string players really wanted to impress. Crouchy was lively throughout the match. Gerry Armstrong did commented that why he is not playing as much is a mystery to him. Well, to me its no mystery. The answer is Fernando Torres :p

Anyhow when i saw the team sheet, I went who the fuck is Plessit. Turns out he is the Marscherano of the reserves. I have to say that I am quite impress by this Plessit. He has composure on the ball and he do the simple things right. That is the first step towards a great player. Skrtel is growing from strength to strength. I don't think we will have any problem with defence next season. We have Carra, Skrtel, Dagger and Hyypia. That will make any striker shake in fear.

The Achilles heel is again Pennant and Riise. I think it really is high time for Rafa to ship them out. Tapir really wants Jaoquin and David Villa to help out Nando. But I think a more realistic target will be David Bentley.

Going into this Wednesday CL match, I really do fancy our chances. But the boys should not take anything for granted, after all the Gunners did put 2 pass AC Milan at San Siro. But of course the San Siro cannot be compared to Anfield on a European night.


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