Sunday, April 27, 2008

Of Carnivores and Dying Batteries

Today brought Ah Zhen to Midvalley for lunch or rather high tea. I think a few days of vegetarian dieet had taken a toll on him...LOL. After getting the car parked was already 3 something. Remind me not to go to MV on a weekend next time. Ended up in a Taiwanese Restaurant at the ground floor (forgot the name, its not Feng Lye. That's at the top floor).

I ordered this 四川麻辣汤...not bad, not that
麻辣 at allAh Zhen ordered this 鸡扒蛋炒饭

I ordered the 拉面 variety

and some 小龙包

After that, found out that there is a Fashion Week going on at MV. Camped myself out for the 5pm show. When shooting half way found out that my Speedlite batteries were dying. Took damn long to recycle the flash. I forgot to charge them. All shots ruined. You really can't do a 1/60 shutter speed on 100mm plus focal matter how good your camera's VR or IS or SR whatever you want to call it...damn.....

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